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Migrate, backup or clone WordPress with Duplicator

Hello friends, Sooner or later we might have to consider moving our website to a new location. There are various reasons for this decision but the most important one is that we are somehow not happy with our current hosting provider and we have found a more suitable one. When this happens we have to make a complete clone of our WordPress website. This applies for both directories, files and database(s). This new clone has to be placed on the new host and then additional settings have to be made in order to use the domain on the new...

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UpdraftPlus – The supreme solution for WordPress backup

Hello friends, We are back on the topic related to backup! As you know this is a very important thing related to each website or web project. And when it comes to a CMS system like WordPress where you are presented with regular updates then you should really take into consideration the best practices for creating and restoring backups. In this post I will present another solution that can be easily marked as a supreme solution. This WordPress plugin is called UpdraftPlus. What this plugin does? UpdraftPlus is a solution for backup and restoration. Simple as that but in...

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WordPress Backup with BackUpWordPress

Hello friends, We are back on the backup topic for WordPress. You already know two awesome ways of saving your precious database and files with BackWPup and All-in-One WP Migration which can also be used as a tool for moving WordPress from one host to another. Now it’s time for another great solution. It is called BackUpWordPress and it will save you not only time, but also effort when it comes to creating backups. Let’s start with the usual steps and that is installation and activation. What you will find interesting is that when you are done with these...

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Backup WordPress with BackWPup

Hello again friends, Currently I have shared with you one way to make backup of your WordPress website by using All-in-Оne-WP Migration. And like I have mentioned in this article – there is always a good idea to have another backup option just in case. Better safe, than sorry – right? So with that being said I’d like to introduce to you one plugin that will allow you to generate the needed backups extremely easy. It is called BackWPup. Like most of the WordPress plugins this one also has a free and premium (PRO) version. If you are going...

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WP All Export – Export WordPress data to XML/CSV

Hello friends, Today I am going to present one plugin that may come in very handy. It is called WP All Export. What does WP All Export do? The name says it all – this plugin will allow you to export your WordPress data. This can be done into XML or CSV format so that you can use it later when needed. WP All Export can be considered as both backup and migration tool. The exports can be later imported using another plugin from the same developer called WP All Import (expect a review on it soon). How to use...

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