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How to quickly restore Facebook comments to your WordPress website after migration to SSL

Hello friends, In today’s post I will share with you one quick and easy to apply fix for your “lost” Facebook comments after the migration to SSL for your WordPress website. Before we begin – let’s define when this tutorial will be useful for you. First of all you have to be using Facebook comments for your WordPress website. As you know from our previous posts on the topic, this is a great way to allow more people to get involved with your content without the need of additional registrations. Also each Facebook comment increases the popularity of your...

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How to disable WordPress comments

Hello friends, In some of my previous posts, here at The CMS Place, I have written about various solutions for better user experience regarding the comments on WordPress. You might want to check how to integrate Google + Comments, Facebook Comments, Disqus or Jetpack. Having a comment section with many abilities for the users is great. You will be encouraging them to ask questions, provide you with feedback and even take action in conversations between them. Let’s not forget that each comment might be considered as unique content as well and might aid your SEO strategy. Also comments might...

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How to Integrate Google+ Comments in WordPress

Hello again, friends! In this post I will show you how to integrate Google+ comments in your WordPress website. You might want this since the default comment system is not so good (however we already know that Jetpack can improve it). So far I have also shown you how to add Facebook comments and also how to integrate Disqus as your main comment system and you are familiar with the benefits of having an external comment system for WordPress. Now let’s see how you can achieve this with G+’s comments. Before I tell you how to do this I...

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Disqus and Jetpack comments for WordPress

Let’s return on the topic for the WordPress comment system. We already know the benefits of having Facebook comments on your website as well as the solution to add this functionality. Now I will talk about two other options. One of them is called Disqus which is an externally added comment system and the other one is Jetpack Comments which improves the functionality of the core WordPress comment system. Let’s begin with Disqus. First of all I’d like to explain why you might want to have this solution as your main WordPress comment system. Disqus is a great platform....

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Facebook Comments for WordPress

Having a fully functional commenting system for your WordPress site is imperative! There are many reasons why this is a must but for now let’s focus mainly on building relationships with your audience by speaking to them via the comments. This will definitely help your reputation and will lead to more traffic and followers. Knowing how to handle positive and negative comments and how to respond to each of them is vital but this is a topic that will be discussed later on. Let’s get back on the need for a fully functional commenting system. WordPress has one which...

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