Author: Daniel Angelov

Responsive Lightbox by dFactory – [Review]

Hello friends, In this post I will make a review on one plugin that will allow your website visitors to experience better image viewing on your posts and pages. The plugin that will allow you to achieve this is called Responsive Lightbox by dFactory. What does Responsive Lightbox by dFactory do? It will simply add the beatiful lightbox (overlay) effect for your WordPress website. Thus your images will stand out when clicked upon. They will appear in a stylish window that will provide options for switching images and closing the current view. Also some info about the image will...

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Various ways of embedding YouTube videos in WordPress

Hello friends, As you know YouTube is a powerful social network that can increase your website traffic and brand awareness (if used properly). That is why it is always a good idea to consider creating your own channel and start uploading videos related to your business. These may be presentations, tutorials, reviews, etc. You should keep in mind that this channel and each of the videos, that you are going to create and upload, need to be branded appropriately with texts that contain relevant keywords and phrases. This will help for SEO as well. Also you should bear in...

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How to add animated GIF files to a WordPress post – tips & tricks

Hello friends, In this post I will be speaking of the popular animated GIF files. You will find what are they and how can they be quite useful for your audience. But the main thing that you are going to learn are some tips and tricks about how to add animated GIF files in your WordPress posts and pages the right way. What are animated GIF files? Animated GIF files are a set of slides (frames) that follow each other and thus create an animated effect. These media formats can end with a loop (i.e. start from the beginning...

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Fight SPAM in WordPress with Antispam Bee

Hello friends, Do you want to have spammy WordPress websites? No? I thought so! So the main question now is how to fight SPAM correctly? There are various ways of doing this. In this post I have chosen to review one of the popular plugins for that purpose. It is called Antispam Bee and it may be just the tool that will help you to fight SPAM for your WordPress website. What is the risk of getting SPAM hits for WordPress? From moderate to high (at least in my opinion). A non-protected WordPress website is a potential target for...

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What should you use for your local WordPress tests and development? XAMPP or Virtualbox? Find out now from this post:

Hello friends, In this post I will present to you two of the most popular solutions for local WordPress tests and development. They are suitable for beginners and medium-skilled users. The solutions that I am about to review in details are called XAMPP and Virtualbox. But first things first! Why would you even consider using a solution for your local WordPress tests and development? Because this may save you valuable time and effort as well as it may prevent some potential problems when creating a WordPress website directly on the production server with the real domain name. Let’s imagine...

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