Author: Daniel Angelov

Allow your customers to reach you via Skype (Tutorial on adding the button to WordPress)

Hello friends, In this tutorial I am going to present to you one convenient way for a communication with your website visitors and current (or potential) customers. I will be covering the steps that you need to go through for WordPress, however the tips that you are going to discover in this post can be applied to other websites as well. So let’s begin – this tutorial will describe how to add the official Skype Contact Me Button for your WordPress website so that your customers can reach you. First of all – what is Skype (in case you...

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How to secure WordPress content with passwords [Tutorial]

Hello friends, In this tutorial I will show you how to secure any part of your WordPress content with passwords. Before we begin, let’s take a moment to discuss why you would want to password protect your content in the first place. In most cases this is not needed. In fact if you are aiming at generating high traffic to your WordPress website you’d want to have as much content as possible. You’d also want to have fresh content each week and most importantly you’d want your content to be accessible by users and bots. However in some cases...

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How to quickly restore Facebook comments to your WordPress website after migration to SSL

Hello friends, In today’s post I will share with you one quick and easy to apply fix for your “lost” Facebook comments after the migration to SSL for your WordPress website. Before we begin – let’s define when this tutorial will be useful for you. First of all you have to be using Facebook comments for your WordPress website. As you know from our previous posts on the topic, this is a great way to allow more people to get involved with your content without the need of additional registrations. Also each Facebook comment increases the popularity of your...

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SB Welcome Email Editor – The WordPress plugin that sends custom welcome emails

Hello friends, Have ever wanted to surprise your newly registered users with great-looking custom welcome emails? If so then you may have been wondering how can you do this. In today’s post I will present to you the WordPress plugin that will allow you to send custom welcome emails that will not only provide quality in terms of looks and functionalities, but also in terms of useful content. This plugin is called SB Welcome Email Editor. Why would I need such a plugin in the first place? The default email that each registered user will receive looks boring. You...

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Polylang – a way to create bilingual or multilingual WordPress site

Hello friends, In this post I will show you another great alternative to the popular WPML plugin. By using it you will be able to have different language versions of your website so that you can target different audiences. This solution is called Polylang and it is another way to create bilingual or multilingual WordPress site. What does Polylang do exactly? Polylang makes it extremely easy to create content in any language. For this purpose you only need to download and install the plugin and then activate it. After this is done you can start writing your new post....

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