Author: Daniel Angelov

Email Address Encoder – a proper protection

Hello friends, In this post I will present to you one very handy plugin that will help you protect your email addresses and mailto links from web-harvesting robots. This plugin is called Email Address Encoder. What does Email Address Encoder do? It will simply encode all of your publicly provided email addresses and mailto links into decimal and hexadecimal entities. Thus they will not be available for any nasty bots that will try to harvest them and provide them to spammers. If you don’t have such a protection there is a risk of getting your email addresses added to...

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Alternatives for the WP Mail SMTP Plugin

Hello friends, As you know one of the best plugins for managing your outgoing WordPress emails is WP Mail SMTP. I am always recommending its usage and I am also personally using it every time when possible. This great plugin simply works! However there might be chances that you may need to think of an alternative. So in this post I will present several alternatives for WP Mail SMTP which might be useful for you. Why would I ever need an alternative for WP Mail SMTP? Simply because your clients may want you to use another plugin for various...

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WP All Export – Export WordPress data to XML/CSV

Hello friends, Today I am going to present one plugin that may come in very handy. It is called WP All Export. What does WP All Export do? The name says it all – this plugin will allow you to export your WordPress data. This can be done into XML or CSV format so that you can use it later when needed. WP All Export can be considered as both backup and migration tool. The exports can be later imported using another plugin from the same developer called WP All Import (expect a review on it soon). How to use...

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Easy Digital Downloads – a way to sell your digital content

Hello friends, In today’s post I will present to you one WordPress plugin that will be ideal for those of you who want to transform their website into an eCommerce place for digital products. This solution is called Easy Digital Downloads! What does Easy Digital Downloads do? This plugin provides the complete functionality needed for a standard eCommerce solution for digital products. The free version is powerful enough to get you started. However if you want better support and access to additional extensions that will enhance the overall functionality, you have to consider purchasing some of the plans provided...

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DrawIt – the diagram creation tool for WordPress

Hello friends, In this post I will present to you one solution that I am certain that you are going to fall in love with. Especially if your website aims to provide detailed graphical information about processes or services or something else. Presenting: DrawIt – the diagram creation tool for WordPress. What is DrawIt? This is a WordPress plugin that you can download, install and activate for free. When you do this your visual and text editors will receive new functions that will allow you to create and insert beautiful diagrams in your posts and pages. DrawIt utilizes the...

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