Author: Daniel Angelov

Worona – the solution to build your first WordPress mobile app

Hello friends, Have you ever wanted to transform your WordPress website into a mobile app that your visitors can download and install on their Android or iOS based devices? If you have, then this post is just the one that you need to read. Here I will present to you Worona – the solution to build your first WordPress mobile app. What is Worona? This is a free platform that will make your website mobile-ready in just a couple of steps. It is that easy! This solution is a plugin for WordPress that will provide you with an online...

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Create custom content types and fields for WordPress using Pods

Hello friends, As you know WordPress can support custom content types and fields. They allow you to extend the functionalities of our favorite CMS. There are different ways of adding them however the one that I am going to present to you right now is probably one of the best there is. Presenting – Pods – the framework that allows you to create custom content types and fields and to manage them from only one location in your WordPress website. What is Pods? This project is a framework that helps you grow your development skills and also allows you...

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Add testimonials to your WordPress website with Easy Testimonials

Hello friends, Do you want to increase your brand awareness and conversions rates and attract more customers to your WordPress website? I am sure that you do! So in today’s post I will be talking about testimonials – why are they needed as a social proofing tool and how can they help you. I will also make a review of one easy to use WordPress plugin that is created for this purpose. So let’s see how you can add testimonials to your WordPress website with Easy Testimonials. First things – first! Why testimonials are important and why should you...

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Protect your WordPress images with Image Watermark

Hello friends, Do you want to protect your uploaded images from theft? There are several ways to do this however one of the most popular ones is to add a watermark to them. This will not prohibit your visitors of downloading them, however the chances to use them on other websites will be highly reduced. The reason for this is because they will be popularizing your website by presenting your watermark and their visitors will know that the image is not genuine. So in other words they will have to be making free advertising for your own WordPress website...

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Embed and display the contents of your documents in WordPress

Hello friends, In this post I will present to you one efficient and stylish solution that will allow you to upload any document on your WordPress website and then display its contents by using either Google Docs Viewer or Microsoft Office Online. No additional plugins will be required besides the one that you will need to have installed and activated. The plugin that you will need on your WordPress website is called Embed Any Document. Download it and the install and activate it. Once you do this you will be able to add your documents with ease. For this...

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