Author: Daniel Angelov

Optimize your WordPress with WP-Optimize

Hello friends, Every WordPress website may go slower with time. There are several reasons why this might happen but one of the biggest ones is related to the Database. So one way to optimize your entire WordPress website is by optimizing its Database in the first place. Why this needs to be done? The main reason is the speed of the website. WordPress relies strongly to its Database. Each post that you write, each page that you create or any other peace of content is stored there. Only the multimedia files and the theme files are on your server....

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Methods for displaying inline related posts in WordPress

Hello friends, Having related posts on display is very important. This reduces the bounce rate of your website and also increases the visitor engagement with your content. But this has already been discussed here in The CMS Place. In this post I will continue this topic with some of the popular methods for displaying related posts but this time inside your content. This will allow you to drastically increase your pageviews and thus improve your SEO even more. Method 1: The good-old manual link creation In order to do this you need to make a list of all posts...

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WP Editor – review

Hello friends, In this tutorial I am going to present to you one WordPress plugin that will improve your Text editor by giving you a better experience while creating your content. Note that this editor will be useful for HTML and PHP editing and might be suitable for more advanced WordPress users and for Developers. However any beginner might also use it. But enough about this – let’s see what you are about to get: This plugin is called WP Editor. After you install and activate it you can adjust some settings. They are placed in a separated menu...

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WP Video Lightbox – review

Hello friends, Do you have a YouTube channel? Or maybe you upload videos to Vimeo or you are using Flash? Or maybe you  just love blogging and embedding high quality videos, created by others into your posts? Well in this case why not present all videos to your audience in style with a fancy lightbox overlay which can also be used to show images? Here’s how to do this: First of all you need to install and activate the WP Video Lightbox plugin. Then you need to adjust some settings under Settings -> Video Lightbox in your WordPress admin...

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SiteOrigin Page Builder – Review

Hello friends, Nowadays there is an extremely easy way to build your WordPress pages. It is efficient and suitable even for beginners. Actually it might be better to say that the idea behind these solutions is that they are meant to be used mainly by the users who are not professional HTML and CSS specialists. These solutions are called page builders and in this post I will make a review on one of them – SiteOrigin Page Builder. But first things, first! What is a page builder? It is a plugin that allows you to create a custom design...

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