Author: Daniel Angelov

SiteOrigin Page Builder – Review

Hello friends, Nowadays there is an extremely easy way to build your WordPress pages. It is efficient and suitable even for beginners. Actually it might be better to say that the idea behind these solutions is that they are meant to be used mainly by the users who are not professional HTML and CSS specialists. These solutions are called page builders and in this post I will make a review on one of them – SiteOrigin Page Builder. But first things, first! What is a page builder? It is a plugin that allows you to create a custom design...

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Creating nofollow links in WordPress

Hello friends, in this article in TheCMSPlace I will tell you: How to create nofollow links and why you might want to do this in the first place. Let’s start with the latter – why you might want nofollow links in your content? Each link in WordPress is a standard HTML code with all the needed parameters and attributes. The search engine bots are reading this code and they understand what will happen when a user clicks on the link and where he will go to or be redirected to. By default each link is marked as “dofollow” which...

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WordPress Backup with BackUpWordPress

Hello friends, We are back on the backup topic for WordPress. You already know two awesome ways of saving your precious database and files with BackWPup and All-in-One WP Migration which can also be used as a tool for moving WordPress from one host to another. Now it’s time for another great solution. It is called BackUpWordPress and it will save you not only time, but also effort when it comes to creating backups. Let’s start with the usual steps and that is installation and activation. What you will find interesting is that when you are done with these...

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Custom login page for WordPress

Do you intend to allow new user registration for your WordPress website? In this case each of your users will have to pass through the default login screen before they reach their dashboard. Well it is stable and efficient, but let’s be honest – it looks boring. And now face the fact that each WordPress website has this very same login screen. This might be confusing for new users and also it might seem unprofessional to the old and more demanding ones. So the only possible solution is to change the default WordPress login screen to something that will...

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Integrate custom mail server/service for WordPress

Are you planning on sending e-mail newsletters? If this is the case then you have made the right decision since this is an extremely efficient marketing channel and it would be a shame not to use it. However using the default mail server for your website might be a bit of a problem. Why? Because you might overload it or get a negative spam score and thus you won’t be able to send any more e-mails whatsoever. Let’s not forget the delay problems while sending the e-mails. In other words – using the default mail server for regular e-mails...

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