Author: Daniel Angelov

Widgets and content on mobile devices only

Hello friends! We are back on the topic of widget visibility in WordPress. Let’s make a quick summary what we know so far: Each widget in WordPress can have a unique visibility setting You can achieve this by using three popular plugins That’s great but what about widget visibility regarding mobile devices? Is it possible to achieve this? Well, this is WordPress so yes – it is possible! Let’s find out how: First of all I need to clarify something about mobile devices. They are everything else that is different than desktop and laptop. This includes mobile phones, tablets,...

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How to display WordPress widgets on selected pages only

Having the most suitable widgets will make your WordPress website extremely user friendly and will improve its functionality. That is why most themes have many sidebars and header and footer widget areas. And this is actually the charm of WordPress since you can easily create the most appropriate website for your target audience. Adding widgets is simple – drag and drop from the list of all available ones to the respective widget area and then brief settings, a click on the “Save” button and that’s it! Simple, fast and most importantly – extremely efficient. This is great but what...

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How to Integrate Google+ Comments in WordPress

Hello again, friends! In this post I will show you how to integrate Google+ comments in your WordPress website. You might want this since the default comment system is not so good (however we already know that Jetpack can improve it). So far I have also shown you how to add Facebook comments and also how to integrate Disqus as your main comment system and you are familiar with the benefits of having an external comment system for WordPress. Now let’s see how you can achieve this with G+’s comments. Before I tell you how to do this I...

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Disqus and Jetpack comments for WordPress

Let’s return on the topic for the WordPress comment system. We already know the benefits of having Facebook comments on your website as well as the solution to add this functionality. Now I will talk about two other options. One of them is called Disqus which is an externally added comment system and the other one is Jetpack Comments which improves the functionality of the core WordPress comment system. Let’s begin with Disqus. First of all I’d like to explain why you might want to have this solution as your main WordPress comment system. Disqus is a great platform....

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Social sharing solutions for WordPress

Sharing your content in your social media profiles and pages is important. It increases traffic and brand awareness and also helps you gain more social followers for your brand. That is why you are obliged to use social media and use it wisely. However you (as a website and brand owner) are not the only one who would like to share your content. If it is great enough your visitors will do this too. So you need to make it easy for them to post your content in the social media of their choice. In this article I am...

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