Author: Daniel Angelov

MailPoet – the powerful way to send newsletters

Hello friends, In this post I will present you one extremely powerful and yet easy to use WordPress plugin that will allow you to get e-mail subscribers, create newsletters and of course send and track them. This powerful solution is called MailPoet. As usual you need to install and activate the plugin. Then a new section will appear in your dashboard. It is called MailPoet. In it you will find 4 subsections – Newsletters, Subscribers, Settings and Premium. Let’s start with the Settings subsection. The first tab is the “Basics” tab. There you need to define the Company info...

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Backup WordPress with BackWPup

Hello again friends, Currently I have shared with you one way to make backup of your WordPress website by using All-in-Оne-WP Migration. And like I have mentioned in this article – there is always a good idea to have another backup option just in case. Better safe, than sorry – right? So with that being said I’d like to introduce to you one plugin that will allow you to generate the needed backups extremely easy. It is called BackWPup. Like most of the WordPress plugins this one also has a free and premium (PRO) version. If you are going...

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Transfer WordPress with All-in-Оne-WP Migration

Sooner or later you may need to change the location of your WordPress installation. This might be caused by the need of a new domain name, new hosting or even transfer to a localhost server so that you may test the future changes on your website. So no matter what is the reason you need to make sure that your database and files are transferred correctly. There are several ways to achieve this however most of them are not suitable for beginners. The great news is that there is an extremely user friendly solution that will allow you to...

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Widgets and content on mobile devices only

Hello friends! We are back on the topic of widget visibility in WordPress. Let’s make a quick summary what we know so far: Each widget in WordPress can have a unique visibility setting You can achieve this by using three popular plugins That’s great but what about widget visibility regarding mobile devices? Is it possible to achieve this? Well, this is WordPress so yes – it is possible! Let’s find out how: First of all I need to clarify something about mobile devices. They are everything else that is different than desktop and laptop. This includes mobile phones, tablets,...

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How to display WordPress widgets on selected pages only

Having the most suitable widgets will make your WordPress website extremely user friendly and will improve its functionality. That is why most themes have many sidebars and header and footer widget areas. And this is actually the charm of WordPress since you can easily create the most appropriate website for your target audience. Adding widgets is simple – drag and drop from the list of all available ones to the respective widget area and then brief settings, a click on the “Save” button and that’s it! Simple, fast and most importantly – extremely efficient. This is great but what...

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