Author: Daniel Angelov

How to rename wp-login.php

WordPress is a great CMS, but unfortunately it has some weaknesses. One of them is the potential risk of unauthorized login to your website. In this article I will provide you with some security tips & tools so that you can avoid such undesired events or at least reduce the risk to the minimum. Before I proceed with them, I have to explain something regarding the WordPress login process for the beginners. The file that is used for the purpose of logging in is called wp-config.php. And each newly installed copy of WordPress uses the following URL: When...

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How to display related posts in WordPress

Want to keep your visitors on your website as long as possible? Then here is what you have to do – give them content with the highest quality there is. It should be strict and useful with great images and/or other multimedia. Yes, content is king! This is a well-known fact but is the great content a reason enough so that the visitors could make the precious click-throughs? The answer to this question could be “Yes” but only if your website structure provides the needed usability so that it is extremely easy to click the link to the next...

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