Author: Daniel Angelov

What should you use for your local WordPress tests and development? XAMPP or Virtualbox? Find out now from this post:

Hello friends, In this post I will present to you two of the most popular solutions for local WordPress tests and development. They are suitable for beginners and medium-skilled users. The solutions that I am about to review in details are called XAMPP and Virtualbox. But first things first! Why would you even consider using a solution for your local WordPress tests and development? Because this may save you valuable time and effort as well as it may prevent some potential problems when creating a WordPress website directly on the production server with the real domain name. Let’s imagine...

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Final migration touches for the WordPress database with Search & Replace. Find out how to place things in order:

Hello friends, In a previous post I have described the possible ways of migrating WordPress. For the manual ways of moving your website to another hosting and domain there might be some potential problems with the database entries. In other words – something might go wrong due to the fact that the URL structure and domain information that is stored in the database will be different than the actual situation. In this post I will show you how to place things in order in case of such problem. You will learn how to achieve the final migration touches for...

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WP Statistics – one great solution to monitor your website

Hello friends, In this post I will present to you one great solution that will allow you to monitor and analyze important data for your WordPress website. It comes in the form of a plugin and it is called WP Statistics. What does WP Statistics do? Love using Google Analytics? Or maybe some other analytics solution for another search engine? Then how about Jetpack and its statistics? In all of these cases you want one thing – to monitor when you have new website visits, from where and how much are day on a daily, monthtly (and other) basis....

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Breadcrumbs in WordPress – what are they and how to enable them

Hello friends, In this post I will present to you the idea behind one popular and important link navigation for any website. This structure is called breadcrumbs. What are breadcrumbs? Have you ever read Hansel and Gretel? If so you are familiar with the trail of breadcrumbs that they leave behind in order to find their way back to their house. Well, the idea is similar when we are viewing breadcrumbs as a navigation structure for WordPress and any other website in general. Of course your visitors won’t get lost when they reach one page or another and they...

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WP Google Maps – learn how to add google maps in WordPress

Hello friends, In this post you are going to learn how to add google maps in WordPress. Do you want to display a map that shows your local business or some other location on your WordPress website? And do you want to customize it as much as possible? In this case you are reading the right post in TheCMSPlace as here I am going to present to you one extremely convenient plugin that will allow you to add customized Google Maps to every WordPress website. It is called WP Google Maps. What makes WP Google Maps more convenient than the...

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