Author: Daniel Angelov

Mastering HTML tags in your WordPress posts and pages by using AddQuicktag

Hello friends, Do you want to improve the way that you are creating WordPress posts and pages? If so you may be wondering how to do this. Well, since the content in WordPress is based on HTML then the answer would be – by adding some HTML tags. And that is what we will be discussing today – how to master HTML tags in your WordPress posts and pages by using the plugin AddQuicktag. Why would I need such a plugin since I can add HTML content by myself? You are right – you can do this at any...

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Add files to any WordPress post or page using Google Drive Embedder

Hello friends, Have you ever wanted to display an important document from Google Drive on your WordPress website? This can be done with ease! And in this post I will present to you how you can do it. Before we begin, I am going to mention what is required for this process to work. First of all you are going to need the Google Apps Login plugin (the free or the premium version). You can get it from here. Next you need  to have either one of the G Suite Account types or a personal Gmail Account.  After this...

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Where to find pre-installed virtual machines for local WordPress testing under Virtualbox?

Hello friends, If you remember our post about virtual machines running under Virtualbox then you are probably wondering if it is possible to find pre-installed solutions that you can import and start using for local WordPress tests. The great news is that this is possible. In this post I will show you where you can find pre-installed virtual machines for local WordPress testing under Virtualbox. If such solutions exist, should I use them instead of configuring an Ubuntu (or other) server under Virtualbox by myself? In terms of local testing – yes. But if you are aiming to use...

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Allow your customers to reach you via Skype (Tutorial on adding the button to WordPress)

Hello friends, In this tutorial I am going to present to you one convenient way for a communication with your website visitors and current (or potential) customers. I will be covering the steps that you need to go through for WordPress, however the tips that you are going to discover in this post can be applied to other websites as well. So let’s begin – this tutorial will describe how to add the official Skype Contact Me Button for your WordPress website so that your customers can reach you. First of all – what is Skype (in case you...

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How to secure WordPress content with passwords [Tutorial]

Hello friends, In this tutorial I will show you how to secure any part of your WordPress content with passwords. Before we begin, let’s take a moment to discuss why you would want to password protect your content in the first place. In most cases this is not needed. In fact if you are aiming at generating high traffic to your WordPress website you’d want to have as much content as possible. You’d also want to have fresh content each week and most importantly you’d want your content to be accessible by users and bots. However in some cases...

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