Author: Daniel Angelov

SendPulse – the ultimate digital marketing solution

Hello friends, Today we are going to be discussing one solution that will help you achieve optimal results for your digital marketing campaigns. We will be focusing on its core functionalities and of course its WordPress integration. This solution is called SendPulse and it is every marketeer’s best friend! What does SendPulse do? A lot! SendPulse is a full featured suite that offers you the possibility to create and optimize your newsletter campaigns with ease, then send them via SMTP which is again provided by the suite. Then you can target users with push notifications. But that’s not all!...

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Manage multiple websites with InfiniteWP Client

Hello friends, Today we are going to be talking about managing multiple WordPress websites with just a single, yet extremely powerful solution. If you are following TheCMSPlace then you are already aware of a similar tool called ManageWP Worker. Make sure that you read our review for it if you haven’t done this already. In this post I will present to you InfiniteWP Client which is considered to be the best free way to manage multiple WordPress websites. What is InfiniteWP Client? This is a WordPress plugin that you need to install on every WordPress website that you administer...

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Really Simple SSL – the proper way to secure WordPress

Hello friends, Nowadays SSL encryption is really important. The Shared Sockets Layer allows each connection between a website and a browser to remain private and integral. Thus the risk of having personal data stolen is highly reduced. As you can see encryption is something that you need to consider in order to improve the user experience and security. In this post I will present to you the plugin Really Simple SSL which is the proper way to secure WordPress with SSL. When will you need SSL for WordPress? In most cases the answer will be – when using WordPress...

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Code Embed – the proper way to add code to WordPress posts and pages

Hello friends, Have you ever felt the need to embed some sort of HTML or JavaScript code in any WordPress page or post? If the answer is yes and you haven’t found a solution to this problem yet, then it will be a privilege for me to provide you with one. It is called Code Embed and it is the proper way to add code to your WordPress website posts and pages. Why would I need a stand-alone solution when I can just use the WordPress text editor? In most cases you will be right. The out-of-the-box WordPress text...

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Automate your WordPress editorial process with Oasis Workflow

Hello friends, Do you run a big website that publishes hundreds (or more) articles each month? Or maybe you have a small team of editors that take care of the quality of your website’s content and you want to make sure that their work is done correctly? Then you need something that will make your WordPress editorial review experience better. Something that will allow you to automate this process. The great news is that such a solution exists. It is called Oasis Workflow and in this post I will present to you its powerful options. Why Oasis Workflow is...

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