Author: Georgi Ivanov

Optimize your images with ShortPixel Image Optimizer – Review

In this post I am going to review ShortPixel Image Optimizer – a great plugin used for image optimization. Why do we need Image Optimization Image optimization is one of the most effective techniques when it comes to speeding up your website. It decreases the overall size of your Webpage thus decreasing its loading time. Here are some reasons why you need to optimize your website for speed Nobody likes to wait Let’s face it, nobody likes to wait for a website to load. According to a research, users expect a webpage to load under 2 seconds and around the...

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How to troubleshoot WordPress white screen of death

Every WordPress user had encountered this problem. All of a sudden your WordPress website turns into a white screen and there is no way for you to access your dashboard. Don’t worry – there are few techniques that can get you out from this horror movie. In order to troubleshoot this issue you need to know the reason that stands behind this occurrence. You have exhausted your memory limit There is an issue with a plugin that you have installed or updated Your theme is poorly coded You have exhausted your memory limit Your memory resources are consumed mainly...

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How to speed up your WordPress website

Before I begin with the needed steps that you have to make in order to speed up your website, I have to answer some questions. Why website speed is so important for your website? Internet users don’t have the patience: Almost half of the Internet users expect a website page to load for less than 2 seconds. Most of them will start to feel impatient if a website page loads for more than 3 seconds. Around that mark you can see a significant increase in page abandonment and bounce rate. Website speed is even more important for E-Commerce websites....

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How to secure your WordPress website

WordPress is the most widely spread CMS system. It has numerous options for customization and great diversity of themes and plugins both free and premium. More than 74 million websites run on WordPress, making it the most popular Content Management System (CMS). Installing a WordPress website is rather easy, but not many users know how to properly secure their installation. In this article we will discuss how to secure your wordpress installation without the use of plugins. The reasons for your website being hacked fall in three main categories: Insecure web server Poorly coded themes and plugins Bad login...

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Why you should use WordPress?

Each person who decides to have a website encounters one problem: which CMS (Content management System) to use. There are two options:  custom or open source CMS. Custom CMSs may provide you with more functionality for your specific needs, but they also have much higher cost and only its developers will feel comfortable working with it on a developer level. It would prove to be an impractical choice in case you later decide to redesign your website. Also, if you plan to migrate the content of your website in the future you’ll encounter difficulties in the migration process. If...

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