Author: Georgi Ivanov

Shared Hosting or VPS?

The answer of this question is rather easy. First, we have to know what shared Hosting and VPS is and what are their positive and negative sides. Shared Hosting Shared hosting is the most popular service offered by the hosting companies. Your website is being hosted on a dedicated server with hundreds other websites. You have access to your website through Control Panel – usually CPanel or Plesk and you have some sort of limitations regarding the services you use (disc space, bandwidth, inodes etc.) The Shared hosting is suitable for people who are just starting their websites or...

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Facebook for business explained

Facebook is a great way to promote your content but you have to know how to do it the right way. The first major thing you have to consider is that Facebook is constantly changing. What works for you this month can prove useless the next one. You have to learn to adapt and know this –Facebook are playing the game for the money. When you create a Facebook page you don’t have direct access to the people who liked your page. Facebook is just renting them to you. This means you can be kicked out any time without...

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Installing WordPress on Ubuntu LAMP

In this tutorial we are going to install a wordpress website on a LAMP stack. WordPress is the most used CMS worldwide so it’s a great pick for testing our LAMP configuration. If you don’t have a LAMP stack installed you should check this article-Installing LAMP on Ubuntu Create a database and a username in MySQL First we need to create a database and a user corresponding to it in MySQL. In order to do that we need to log in to the root administrative account in MySQL. Type the following command: mysql -u root -p 1 mysql -u...

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Installing LAMP on Ubuntu

LAMP is an acronym which consists of: Linux (in our case Ubuntu), Apache web server, MySQL database for storing our website data and PHP for handling the dynamic content. Creating a non-root user with super user privileges Before we begin with the installation of the LAMP instance we have to make sure we have a non-root user with super user privileges. This step is important because in Linux managing your system while logged in as root user is considered bad practice. The reason behind this is that the root user has very broad privileges which allow him to gain...

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