Author: Reginald Chan

Top 5 WordPress Affiliate Plugins For Serious Marketers

If you are unaware, you can make a lot of money in blogging thanks to affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing may sound complicated, but it is very simple. Nearly the entire process can be automated (or require little work) before you can make your first earning on affiliate sales. The only challenge you will ever face in affiliate marketing is probably the convincing or selling part. WordPress users are spoilt with multiple choices when it comes to affiliate marketing. There are many plugins which you can use to turn happy readers into customers and even showing relevant advertisements to them...

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Free Image Resources for your Website

Getting the right image for your website is more than just an important step. As a matter of fact, it is extremely crucial especially if you want to create a website that stands out from the crowd. One of the biggest mistakes done by many bloggers and website owners is using free images from Google. They are unaware of the consequences that are bound to besiege them if they are not careful. For example, there is the possibility that the image may be copyrighted and using it without proper crediting could lead to lawsuit. Regardless the size of your...

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