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Improving the security of your WordPress website is important. One way to achieve this is to avoid any potential spam content that may appear on it. For this purpose you need a solution that will just do its job as intended. A plugin that will protect any form on your website from spam entries.

Such solution exists! It is called Captcha by BestWebSoft and in this post I will present it to you.

What is Captcha by BestWebSoft?

This is a WordPress security plugin that uses math logic in order to prevent spammers to fill your website with spammy content. Each entry has to pass the captcha verification in order to appear on it.

Captcha by BestWebSoft also helps you for improving the security of any login & registration forms. But that’s not all! This marvelous plugin can also help you fight spam when it comes to password recovery and it can also be used in cooperation with some of the known contact form solutions that exist for WordPress.

How does Captcha by BestWebSoft work?

Well, it’s actually quite simple. When the plugin is installed and activated it starts showing up on your website (on your forms more specifically). Then when a user wants to add an entry they have to solve a math equation. If the result is correct, the content is approved for the specific form. If not – the spam is blocked and your website is protected. Simple, right?

How to use Captcha by BestWebSoft?

Begin by following the standard procedure of installing and activating a WordPress plugin. Do this by using the built-in installer (search for the plugin there) or download it from the official WordPress.org website. Then make sure that the plugin is installed and activate it.

Finally you need to head to BWS Panel -> Captcha. You can find this in your WordPress admin panel. Click on this menu and you will be presented with the available options for Captcha by BestWebSoft. Bear in mind that all of the steps that we will be looking at right now are related to the free version of the plugin. I will mention the benefits of upgrading to PRO later in this post.

Now when you are on the settings page you should be seeing 4 tabs. The first one is Settings and here you have different sub-menus that are related to different settings. Let’s start with the General Options. Here you are able to configure the math equation settings. Here you are also able to adjust the captcha position and create the error messages that will appear if the solution is wrong. On this sub-tab you are able to adjust some other important options as well.

Next is the options for the WordPress Login form and the Registration form. These two sub-tabs are similar in design and both can be extended using the PRO version.

Then you have the WordPress Password Reset form. It is also similar to the two ones above. There is a little difference for the options related to the Comments form (the next sub-tab). You are actually able to hide any captcha’s from the registered users if you consider them trustworthy.

The next sub-tab is related to the Contact Form from the same developer team. If you install and activate it you will be able to adjust some options so that you could benefit from both plugins.

Below you have several sub-tabs that are locked in the FREE version. So before heading to the next available tab you should click on “Save Changes”.

Next is Packages but it is also locked in the FREE version. So head to the Whitelist tab in order to add a list of IP addresses that will prevent the captcha to be shown when visiting the site from them. Please, consider adding only IP addresses that you are 100% sure that are safe.

The next tab is called Custom code and here you can do what its name suggest – custom CSS and PHP code. This is a section for advanced users only so I suggest using it only if you know exactly what you want to achieve by doing so.

So this is all that you get from the free version of Captcha by BestWebSoft. It should be more than enough for most of the websites but just in case you want to get the real power of this wonderful plugin you can click on the blue button named “Go PRO” and upgrade.

In the PRO version of Captcha by BestWebSoft you will get:

  • bigger compatibility with other major WordPress plugins like Contact Form 7, BuddyPress and WooCommerce
  • unlock all of the additional options for the different settings
  • better support
  • usage of multisite network for the configuration of sub websites and more

And that’s it friends. Now it’s up to you. Please share any questions and feedback in the comment section below and if you like Captcha by BestWebSoft consider giving it a higher rating on WordPress.org.

In the mean time you can also watch these two great videos:

The first one presents Captcha by BestWebSoft in a brief way so that you can see what you are going to get:

The second is about the installation process of the plugin:

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