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Nowadays most websites need a great gallery plugin in order to display images with style for their visitors. That is why in this post I will present to you one solution that might be just the one you have been always looking for.

This WordPress plugin is called Gallery.

What does Gallery do?

The name of the plugin says it all. This is a gallery plugin for WordPress that will allow you to showcase your images with style. However it is not only limited to this.

Gallery is able to provide you with a set of tools and different options so that you will be able to add all of your images and also to edit them. That’s right – with this plugin you are not only uploading and adding images to posts and pages but you are also able to show them in the desired ways.

Gallery Options and Settings

Gallery Options

Another important feature of Gallery is that it allows you to add tags so that you can organize your images correctly. No more searching for old and long forgotten uploads – just view the appropriate tag and you are done. And speaking of organizing – tags are just part of this functionality! Gallery is able to create different albums with your images and you can also have multiple galleries into different albums as well. Then you have the option to add not only selected images to your posts and pages but also entire albums. Great, isn’t it?

The editing process for your uploads in Gallery is able to provide you with all the needed features in order to adjust your images for different views. Also this WordPress plugin is 100% responsive. Yes, this means that it is optimized for any screen on any device which is great considering the continuously growing importance of SEO optimization of any website for mobile devices.

Galler Plugin Popup view example

Gallery – Popup View Example

Gallery also utilizes the power of additional plugins in order to give you a complete product that will serve you as intended. You are also presented with a number of widgets that you may add to the different widget areas on your website for aiding your user experience design strategy.

There are also different premium add-ons for Gallery.

One of them is called the Ecommerce Add-on. With it you are able to create your very own digital store for selling images and prints. The creation process is straightaway and when you are done you can manage it with different options on advanced level so that you can achieve your goals.

With the Ecommerce Add-on your new store can provide visitors with prices for your images and prints. This is achieved by the possibility to create unlimited price lists that you can easily connect with your galleries and/or individual images. You are also able to specify the ways your digital downloads are going to be delivered. More specifically – this relates to the quality of the image that is sold. This means that your customers will be able to choose from different resolutions of the image that they want to purchase and download.

Now you may be wondering how you are able to actually receive the money from each purchase (i.e. how to provide this functionality to your digital store). Well Gallery with its Ecommerce Add-on allows you to choose from Stripe or PayPal. This means that these payment systems can be integrated on your website and you can start selling and receiving money straight away. And since this is a digital store and you will be most likely selling many digital copies of your images then the access to the purchased content is instant 24/7!

What other add-ons are available for Gallery?

You may consider checking out the Facebook Integration Add-on which aims at the ability to add images from your Facebook page albums directly on your WordPress website using Gallery. Now you can do this instantly using this premium add-on.

Another interesting choice is the premium Export/Import Add-on which allows you to move images, galleries and albums from one domain to another with extreme ease. This procedure will save you tons of time and effort compared to the manual creation of the same galleries, making the same uploads and adding the same options.

Now let’s speak about the views that you can provide for your images when using Gallery.

You have various options. From thumbnails to blog style gallery view. Some of these views are available in the free version of the plugin and others are for the commercial one. All of them are displayed on the WordPress.org page of the plugin.

How to start using Gallery?

Download the free version from WordPress.org and upload it on your website. An easier alternative is to use the plugin installer in your WordPress admin panel to search for Gallery and install it. Then activate the plugin and start adjusting its options. You may find useful tips in the following video:

And that’s all friends! What do you think of this plugin? Will you try it? Share any thoughts, questions and/or feedback in the comment section below. Also don’t forget to share this post in social media as well.

See you soon, friends!

*The images and the video are embedded from the WordPress.org page of the plugin.