How to add web push notifications to your WordPress website

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Do you want to increase your visitors engagement? More clicks and bigger open rate (especially on mobile devices)? You may be surprised to find out that popular websites such as Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn and others have discovered a way to achieve this by using one specific technology. It is proven to be extremely engaging. It even beats SMS notifications, all of the various email marketing strategies and even social media itself!

This technology is no longer a secret! It is called web push notifications and in this post I will reveal to you several ways of adding it to your WordPress website!

But first things first! You may be wondering what web push notifications are and how do they work. So let’s explain this, shall we?

Web push notifications are messages that may appear on your visitors’ desktop and mobile devices. In order this to happen your website should be configured to use this technology. The next step is to instruct the web push notification system of your choice to work with specific browsers. Finally your visitors should be convinced to accept web push notifications for your website. When this is done the real magic is going to happen! Each new post will result in a small message that notifies the users for it. These notifications will appear even if the browser is not running! The end result will be an extremely high chance of intriguing the users to click on the notification and visit your website.

In SEO’s point of view this means several achievements – more returning visitors, more page views, high chance of increasing the time spent on specific pages and overall visit time, more sessions, higher CTR and lower bounce rate. All of these factors are extremely important for better ranking and web push notifications can help you improve them.

Now to the main point of this post – how to add web push notifications to your WordPress website?

Option#1 One Signal – the free way of integrating web push notifications for any website

OneSignal Free Web Push Notifications for WordPress

Free! Startups, smaller business, non-profits and even bloggers will love this. One Signal will work flawlessly with just a couple of clicks and configurations, delivering web push notifications for your visitors in a flash.

How to achieve this with your WordPress website? Begin by installing its WordPress plugin. Then activate it and start configuring it. What you will need to possess are several API keys and application ID’s – Google Keys, One Signal keys, Apple Safari Web ID. Of course you will need a free Open Signal account as well. You can find a detailed guide on configuring this WordPress plugin here.

What else you will get from One Signal, besides the fact that it is free?

Support for unlimited number of devices and notifications. Localization, unlimited list segmentation, real time analytics, A/B Split Tests and more. You are just going to love it! One Signal also offers premium support if needed.

When One Signal is configured for your WordPress website there will be a button displayed inviting users to subscribe for notifications.

Speaking of this – TheCMSPlace is using One Signal and you are more than welcome to subscribe for our web push notifications.

Option#2 – PushCrew

PushCrew - quality web push notifications for WordPress websites

Here you also need to download and install the respective WordPress plugin. Then you have to also activate it. You will need a PushCrew Account ID for the plugin’s settings. This means that an account is needed as well. You can create one on the official website of PushCrew.

Bear in mind that here you are presented with several pricing plans:

  • Startup – free for 500 subscribers
  • Premium
  • Business
  • Enterprise/Agency

The free option is suitable for start. All of the other plans offer very useful features that might be suitable when your WordPress site grows bigger and popular. So you can consider upgrading when needed.

When your account ID is provided into PushCrew’s WordPress plugin then your website will invite visitors to subscribe for your web push notifications. Detailed explanation on this plugin can be found here.

Option#3 – PushEngage

PushEngage - Web Push Notifications for WordPress

Not quite popular as the two ones above (when speaking of WordPress installations) however its free plan might just surprise you! Up to 2500 active subsribers, unlimited notifications, various browser support, detailed analytics and more features. This is definitely a service that you need to bear in mind. Again you are presented with a WordPress plugin that you can download from here. And if needed a special PushEngage plan with more features then you can consider purchasing some of the paid pricing plans that are provided on the official website of PushEngage.

Option#4 – PushAssist

PushAssist - WordPress Plugin

This may be the easiest to set-up web push notification service of all. Its free plan supports up-to 3000 subscribers and offer great features as well. There are two other pricing plans that might be suitable for bigger websites – Premium and Enterprise.

PushAssist also comes with a WordPress plugin. You can get it from here. More information about this service can be found on its website.

This concludes our list, friends. What do you think? Will you use any of these web push notification services? Share your thoughts and questions about them in the comment section below. Also don’t forget to spread the word about this post in social media as well.

See you soon, friends!

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