Alternatives for the WP Mail SMTP Plugin

Hello friends,

As you know one of the best plugins for managing your outgoing WordPress emails is WP Mail SMTP. I am always recommending its usage and I am also personally using it every time when possible. This great plugin simply works!

However there might be chances that you may need to think of an alternative. So in this post I will present several alternatives for WP Mail SMTP which might be useful for you.

Why would I ever need an alternative for WP Mail SMTP?

Simply because your clients may want you to use another plugin for various reasons. The other possibility is the eventual conflict between WP Mail SMTP and another plugin that you use. However if such case ever occurs I strongly encourage you to try contacting both development teams with the issue and I am sure that they will find out a solution. Also I think that such a conflict should almost never occur, but you know what they say – never say “never”.

So just to be on the safe side, here are the suitable alternatives for WP Mail SMTP:

Note: The order is random and it is not based on any ratings, nor results.

I. WP Mail Bank

This plugin has received high ratings from the WordPress community. It should be a great alternative for you to use. WP Mail Bank has two options of sending emails. One is simply to use the SMTP settings that you have provided. This should work similar to WP Mail SMTP. The other option for WP Mail Bank is the built-in PHPMailer. The plugin offers a premium version as well. You can check it out.


This is another handy plugin that you may use. Its settings are quite similar to the one that WP Mail SMTP offers. You should be able to enter the settings for your outgoing email server fast and easy and you can also compose a test message with subject and body that you can send to one of your email addresses.

III. Postman SMTP

This plugin is also used by many WordPress websites. It works with the latest security standards and it also utilizes OAuth 2.0 which improves the security for your email password. Why? Because the plugin will not store it in the WordPress database and thus it will not be found in case of a hacker attack on your website.


Despite of the fact that this plugin hasn’t been updated in the last 3 years (based on the post creation date) it simply works. I tried it on a test installation recently and the test emails were received without any problems. However I should say that using an outdated plugin is a bit risky so proceed with caution and at your own risk. It offers a similar interface as Easy WP SMTP. Again you may compose a custom test message without any difficulties.

So there you have it friends! Four suitable alternatives for WP Mail SMTP that you can rely on in case you cannot use this great plugin. I am once again recommending that you try it first since I am personally more than happy with it.

What do you think of WP Mail SMTP? Or any of its alternatives? Share your thoughts and questions in the comment section below.

See you soon friends!

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