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Do you want to improve the login security of your WordPress website? I suppose that you do. OK, how about achieving this without the usage of any usernames or passwords? Sounds great? Or maybe crazy?

The truth is that passwords and usernames used to be secure enough for many years. But nowadays each website requires us to have a unique password and/or username as using the same multiple times might be risky. Experts often suggest to use different emails as well.

But how to remember so many passwords and usernames? Just think how often you need to reset your password. Way too often? And now imagine that having all of these safety precautions is not enough as each password can sooner or later be hacked and used to violate your profile on almost every website.

So what could possibly be done about this? Well you might consider using a superb two-factor authentication solution like Clef. In this post I will make a review of its WordPress plugin – Clef Two-Factor Authentication.

What is Clef?

This is a two-factor authentication that does not rely on passwords or tokens. All you need is your mobile phone in order to scan the screen of your computer and you are already logged-in.

Clef offers custom pricing plans for different businesses and if you are interested about this service you may send an enquiry.

What are the benefits of using Clef Two-Factor Authentication on WordPress?

You will get a modern authentication system that will improve your WordPress security and will ease the login procedure for all your users. You will also be able to sign on or off with just a single click.

Basically you get:

  • no need for passwords as users will be able to log in to your WordPress website by using the Clef Wave;
  • two-factor authentication without the need of one-time codes like it is when using other similar services;
  • fast and secure login by only using your phone and without the need to use any extra devices – some services may require you to use additional “third” device in order to improve your security. For example you may need to insert a USB flash drive or some security key. Clef Two-Factor Authentication does not require you to do this;
  • one click sign ons and sign offs for all your websites – this adds additional strength to your security as you may log out instantaneously from all websites that use Clef. You may even add a timer so that the log outs can be automatic;
  • extremely strong authentication by using RSA public-key cryptosystem;
  • protection against popular password-based attacks for any WordPress website

I want to learn more about Clef Two-Factor Authentication.

And you really should, as the more you know – the better (when it comes to improving your website security). You can find additional resources on the Clef’s blog or Support websites.

You can also get to know how Clef works by watching this video:

How to use Clef on WordPress?

Install and activate the plugin Clef Two-Factor Authentication. You can get it from the official page of the plugin or from the WordPress plugin installer.

When you are done you need to complete the automatic setup wizard. There you will see a big blue button called “Get Started”. You need to click on it.

Clef Two-Factor Authentication

Now make sure that you have the Clef mobile app installed on your phone. Now you need to scan the wave on your screen in order to set up your website:

Clef Two-Factor Authentication

You will be presented with some more screens that will allow you to finish successfully the installation process. Don’t forget to make a configuration of the preferred passwords and security settings for the Clef users on your WordPress website. There is a great tutorial on this here: Recommended password settings for Clef’s WordPress plugin.

The highest security settings are to disable the passwords for all users and completely hide the password login form. However you may choose a different configuration. For example if you use the WordPress mobile app you may want the passwords to be enabled for API.

And that’s all now your login screens should look like this:

If you need to make additional settings you may go to your WordPress dashboard and click on the “Clef” menu.

And that’s all, friends! Don’t forget to check the reviews on this plugin on and feel free to share any thoughts, questions and feedback about Clef Two-Factor Authentication in the comment section below. Please share this post on social media as well and help us spread the word about this wonderful plugin.

See you soon, friends!

*The images are embedded from the page of the plugin and its support website.

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