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In this post I will present to you one awesome way to create posts and pages with tables in WordPress. The plugin that will allow you to achieve this is called TablePress.

Why would I need tables in WordPress at all?

Most of the times you won’t be needing them. But this depends on the type of content that you are creating. For example if your website aims at the provision of financial data for its users or you are creating lists with detailed information then the best way to present all of these is by adding the data into a standard table.

Isn’t WordPress supporting HTML? Why can’t I just create the tables in that way?

If you know HTML and CSS then you could achieve the table creation by adding code into the WordPress text editor. However this will be a heavy burden even for the most experienced developer. Bear in mind that you will have to create the table first and then fill it with data and also update it (if needed). This is a lot of work and you may find it even more difficult to enable data sorting later on.

That is why in this case the plugin solution is the optimal way.

OK! So how to work with TablePress?

Begin by installing and activating the plugin. You already know how to do this (by either downloading it from its page or by using the WordPress plugin installer system).

Now you have to go into your WordPress dashboard and find the TablePress menu item. It provides you with several submenus and they are also available as tabs when you click on the main menu.

The first submenu/tab is called “All Tables”.

TablePress Options - View all created tables

It contains a list of your tables. From here you can edit, copy, delete and/or preview them. Also you are presented with the ID of each table and an instruction on the way of displaying it in your posts and pages.

All you have to do is to place the shortcode [table id=<ID> /] in the WordPress editor when editing/creating the desired post/page and publish it. In this shortcode you have to replace ID with the corresponding number from the first tab of the TablePress options.

If you wish to administer a table you can click on it and or use the on mouse administration links.

The second tab is called “Add New”.

TablePress - Add new table to a WordPress page or post

From here you are able to create a new table. You have to provide a name for it which can also be used as a title. Also you may enter an optional description about the contents of this table. Finally you have to specify the number of rows and columns and add the table by pressing the blue button.

Now you have to fill in data in this table. Edit it by going back on the first tab and clicking on its name in the list.

Here is how the edit screen looks like:

TablePress - Edit a table

You are presented with the shortcode for this table and here you can copy/paste it directly. You may change the table name and description if needed.

Then you can enter the content of each cell for your new table. You will find the process similar to using MS Excel or Libre Office. Here you may add images and links and even use an Advanced editor. Another familiar options are available – cell combination and row/column moderation.

You may edit some of the table options for this specific table and they include:

  • Table head row;
  • Table foot row;
  • Alternating Row Colors;
  • Row Hover Highlighting;
  • Print Table Name;
  • Print Table Description;
  • Extra CSS Classes;

Below you may edit the features of the DataTables JavaScript library. When you are happy with the changes you may save them.

Some of the other actions you may take regarding this table is to preview it and also copy, delete it and even export it.

As you can see TablePress provides you with great power.

The next tab is called “Import” and from it you can import tables from CSV files and/or other formats.

TablePress - Import external tables from CSV files

This will save you time and effort, especially if you have already created the desired tables by using the office software of your choice.

You are also able to import pages from WP-Table Reloaded and you can do this by setting up few options here.

The next tab is called “Export”.

TablePress - Table Export Options

Here you can export each of your tables so that they can be used for other solutions. You can select which tables to export and the file format of the export. The final result can be zipped into a ZIP archive if you want.

The final tab (regarding the plugin settings) is “Plugin Options”.

TablePress Plugin Options

Here you can add custom CSS for your tables and adjust some user options:

  • Admin menu entry;
  • Plugin language;

What is the final result when using TablePress?

The developers have provided this screenshot which will allow you to see how your tables may look like:

TablePress - Table Demo

Bear in mind that you can edit the design of your own tables as you are presented with the possibility to add custom CSS. This actually provides you with great styling options and you may adjust each table to your specific WordPress Theme design.

That’s it friends!

You have been presented with one of the ultimate solutions for creating tables for your WordPress posts and pages. It can also import external documents and export files to be used by other systems. With TablePress your website is equipped with additional power. Now you can present your data with style.

What do you think about TablePress? Would you use it? Please share any thoughts and questions about this marvelous plugin in the comment section below. Don’t forget that sharing is caring and please click one of the social sharing buttons below and help fellow WordPress beginners find out about this review.

See you soon, friends!

*The images are embedded from the page of TablePress

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