How to duplicate posts and pages on WordPress?

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In this post I will show you how to duplicate any post or page on your WordPress website with just a single click.

First of all I’d like to begin by explaining the dangers of having duplicate content.

I am an SEO specialist, so it would be a sin not to warn you that duplicate content is not something that Google or other search engines like. It doesn’t matter if it is placed on two or more websites or on a single one – it is a problem. You may get penalized if you leave a copy of a post or a page 1:1 with its original version.

But does this mean that content duplication is always a mistake? Of course not!

It may only be a problem if you intend to make a 1:1 copies and leave them unchanged and then publish them. But in any other case content duplication could not only be harmless but also extremely useful.

For example let’s say that you want to add a new element to one of your pages and you want to test how it will behave directly on the production server. You might like to make a duplicate version that will not be indexable but will serve for the testing purposes without breaking the original page.

Another reason why you’d love to duplicate content on WordPress is when you want to make several posts/pages that should have similar structures but with differences in their content. Then the only thing needed is to edit each copy and make it unique and this will save you time and energy from creating everything from scratch.

Another example for content duplication is when it comes to creating similar content from more than one author on your WordPress website. By default each author can edit only their posts. But let’s assume that two authors are writing on similar subjects and may need either similar post structure or something else from one of the posts. Then the most suitable solution is the admin to duplicate one of the posts and assign the new draft to the respective author so that they can edit it.

So as you see content duplication can be extremely useful in specific cases.

So how to duplicate posts and pages on WordPress?

First of all you need to install the plugin Duplicate Post. Do this from the WordPress plugin installer and search for it or download it from the official website and upload it manually for installation.

After you activate Duplicate Post you can go to its Options in the WordPress dashboard and adjust the behaviour of the plugin.

Duplicate Posts Options

You can allow it to copy many elements from the original post/page such as:

  • publication date/time;
  • original post/page status – draft, published, pending;
  • copy the excerpt;
  • duplicate all attachments;
  • clone the child posts/pages of the original one;

Duplicate Post can be set to omit the duplication of specific fields and WordPress taxonomies. You can also set the title prefix ans suffix. Let’s not forget the roles that can copy posts/pages – you can delegate the rights to all of them or limit it to only specific ones. You can also decide whether or not to show links for the duplication procedure in the post list, edit screen or the admin bar of each WordPress version above 3.1.

After you decide on these settings you should go to the “All Posts” or “All Pages” menus. On each post/page there should be an option (on mouse over) to clone it or make a new draft.

Duplicate Posts for extremely easy post/page cloning or saving as a new draft

In the edit screen of each post/page there should also be a link that will allow you to copy it to a new draft as well.

Duplicate Posts can also be used directly from the edit screen for each post/page

The developers of Duplicate Post have also included the option to add a template tag that allows you to clone your content directly from the frontend.

This is how Duplicate Post works.

You should be able to save vast amount of time and energy when creating new posts/pages with similar structures by using this plugin. A word of advise – some of the Page builders like Site Origin’s one also have the option to clone posts/pages. My personal opinion is to use the functionality of the page builder when duplicating content created with it instead of using Duplicate Post. Just in case, of course. But if you find it more suitable to use only one solution, then do try.

Don’t forget to share your results, opinions and any other thoughts on the content duplication process for WordPress. If you have enjoyed this article and find it useful, please share it to social media as well.

See you soon, friends!

*The images are embedded from the page of the plugin

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