E-MAILiT Share Buttons – review

Hello friends,

In this post I will present to you E-MAILiT Share Buttons. They are easy to use and will allow you to utilize influential features straightforwardly into your site. This is achieved by the usage of a completely customizable environment.

E-MAILiT Share Buttons

Why E-MAILiT Share Buttons?

This WordPress plugin is a creative solution that will increase the chance of getting your content shared in social media, messaging networks and email. It is extremely comfortable for both mobile and desktop usage. E-MAILiT Share Buttons combines different share buttons that you can choose from and set for your WordPress website. But that’s not all! This plugin also provides different media solutions and the most important functionality for each publisher and marketeer – analytics. Yes, you will be able to see sharing data and it will allow you to improve your digital marketing strategy.

By using E-MAILiT Share Buttons you get:

  • the possibility to build even more site hits;
  • increased client engagement;
  • extremely easy sharing solution;
  • better content promotion and more

How to use E-MAILiT Share Buttons?

By going through the usual initial steps. You either search for the plugin in the WordPress.org plugins section and then download and upload it to your website or you directly search and install using the Add new menu in WordPress.

Then you have to activate it and finally you need to adjust its settings by going to Settings -> E-MAILiT Share in your WordPress dashboard.

The options to choose from are grouped in two tabs:

  • Share buttons
  • Advanced options

Let’s start with the Share buttons tab:

E-MAILiT Share Buttons Settings

First of all you can customize your buttons by:

  • choosing their style which can be large, small or native which stands for the official buttons that each social media provides for integration into your website;
  • background colour – you can leave it blank if you want to stick to the default style of E-MAILiT Share Buttons. However this may not suit your website design so you can bravely go ahead and choose the most suitable colour;
  • turning counters on/off – I simply cannot imagine why you’d like to switch the counters off but if you do then here is the place to do it. But if you really want to see how viral your post has gone then you need to keep them on. This also targets more shares by your visitors;
  • turning the flat circle icon shape on/off – simply check whether the flat circle icon fits your design and if it does – keep it;

Then you need to adjust the global button for more sharing options:

  • choose its position – last in the toolbar, first or you can simply deactivate it;
  • choose how to trigger the global sharing menu on – this can be done by clicking on the global button or simply hovering over it;
  • set the auto show share overlay after the desired amount of seconds (0 is default);

Then you can adjust the floating capabilities of E-MAILiT Share Buttons by choosing the share sidebar position – left, right or deactivated. And you can also turn the mobile share bar on and off.

The next step is to choose the standalone services that you want to use for sharing your content.

You can stick up with the default selection or add more services and arrange them. Then you need to set your Twitter user name – useful for getting more followers fast. Finally you can decide if you want your images to be pin-able (i.e to be shared to Pinterest) or not.

The final settings here are for the placement of the share buttons.

You can add them above the content, below it or on both places. You can also include/exclude the types of content where they should appear (for example pages, posts, etc).

Now let’s see the Advanced Options tab:

E-MAILiT Share Buttons Advanced Settings

You can enable or disable the “After share promo” if you want.

Then you can actually define its heading saying “Thanks for sharing!” (by default) or anything else you want to say to your visitors. After all the goal is to socialize with your audience as much as possible in order to provide them better services.

The “After share promo” also allows you to ask them to follow you on social media. So basically you need to define your channels so that the visitor can follow you.

Finally you can insert ads in the “After share promo” by adding your Ad unit or Promo URL.

You can disable this functionality as well if you are a non-profit website or simply you don’t want to scare your visitors away with useless ads.

So this is it! After you have made your choice and saved your settings (don’t forget to do this) then you are done and you can enjoy using E-MAILiT Share Buttons.

This is it friends! Will you give E-MAILiT Share Buttons a try? Or maybe you already have. Then it would be great if you share your opinion on this plugin’s functionality with the rest of TheCMSPlace readers.

See you soon!

*The images of the settings are embedded from the WordPress.org page of the plugin

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  • I completely agree with the review! I have already gave it a try on two websites already. The customization level is just unreal! 10/10

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