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Are you familiar with the functionality of Facebook that allows you to save your favourite content for later reading? This is already integrated not only in the desktop version of the social network but also in its mobile applications for different devices.

In this post I will show you how you can add the famous “Save to Facebook” button to your WordPress website so that you can gain all the benefits of having it.

But before we begin, let’s explain why the content saving functionality is useful and what alternatives do you have.

There are different ways to store any link that you find interesting so that you can access it later. You may want to do this if you don’t have the time to read it now or you want to re-read it again. In the past the most popular solution was the bookmarking functionality of any web browser. At one point this was great but it was only suitable for one browser and one device. This meant that if you wanted to go to another PC or mobile phone you had to search for the content once again in order to access it.

Nowadays almost any modern browser allows you to sync your data including bookmarks to any device if you have a profile and you are logged in. Also there are awesome solutions like Pocket that will allow you to store your favourite content so that you can access it once again at a later point.

But all of this needs another account and another login and so on and so on. This may frustrate some users. That is why storing your content in Facebook is not only easier but also useful. First of all you can save any content right from your feed – no need of an additional software or logins. Second you can access it anywhere. Third – you get reminded about your saved and unread content on a regular basis.

OK, I understand the usefulness of the saving functionality. Why would I integrate an additional button on my website when any user can save my content from the Facebook feed almost instantly?

This is a great question! Many website owners and admins may consider any additional code a burden that may slow down the entire project. I must agree that there is some truth to these concerns. Also each Facebook user can indeed save your content almost instantly when they see it in their respective news feed.

The tricky part is “when they see it”. As you know Facebook only shows your posts on a limited amount of your audience if you are not paying for ads. So some of them surely won’t be able to see your content unless they visit your Facebook page. And this happens quite rarely, especially on a social media like Facebook where each user is basically “drowned” in the ocean of information in their news feed.

So one way to ensure that your great content will be saved on Facebook is to have the “Save to Facebook” button on your WordPress website so that any organic visitor may use it. Also this means that you will be getting additional traffic from Facebook later when the user re-visits your website from the saved content. And this will happen as Facebook will remind the user about it eventually.

Also this is another great way to popularize your brand on Facebook and respectively your Facebook page.

OK, I am convinced that I need to integrate the Facebook Save Button on my WordPress website. How can I do this?

First of all you have to choose the plugin solution or the non-plugin one. In case of the latter you need to have some advanced WordPress skills and you also need to visit this page and get familiar with the setup process. After you are done your button will be available on your website on the areas where you decided to place it.

The plugin way is much more easier and it is suitable for beginners. That is why I am going to focus on it.

Begin by installing and activating the “FB Save Button For WP” plugin. You may download it from WordPress.org or use the plugin installer on your website to get it running.

Once you are done, please head to your WordPress dashboard and go to “Settings -> FB Save Button”. There you need to adjust a few settings:

  • Where to enable the button – on posts, pages or both;
  • What will be the size of the button – large or small;
  • Where to place the button – before your content, after it or on both locations;
  • What shortcodes you may use for any other areas where you want the button to appear;

Once you are done you have to save all changes and then you can start using your Facebook Save Button. You may like to test it so that you are sure that it works as intended. Any saved content should be marked as such.

So all you have to do now is to tell your audience of the new functionality and invite them to start using it.

That’s it friends! If you have any questions, please use the comment form below. Share this post in social media as well so that it can help other users like you.

See you soon!

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