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Do you want to have spammy WordPress websites? No? I thought so! So the main question now is how to fight SPAM correctly? There are various ways of doing this. In this post I have chosen to review one of the popular plugins for that purpose.

Presenting Antispam Bee

Antispam Bee may be just the tool that will help you to fight SPAM for your WordPress website.

What is the risk of getting SPAM hits for WordPress?

From moderate to high (at least in my opinion). A non-protected WordPress website is a potential target for comment SPAM and trackback SPAM. That is why it is always a good idea to have a tool that can deal with these hits.

How does Antispam Bee help me fight SPAM for my WordPress website?

This wonderful plugin will be able to deal with the average SPAM – comments and trackbacks. Antispam Bee does this without the need to have captchas. Also this plugin is ad-free and also completely free of charge to use. What is more important is that it complies with the European data privacy standards. So you can be confident that you are getting a great solution that will aid you in your battle with SPAM. And it will do this effectively.

How to use Antispam Bee?

Download and install the plugin. Then activate it. After this you can adjust some settings in the WordPress admin panel.

What are the features of Antispam Bee?

This plugin can help with comment approval and if you have approved a comment for any commenter then they are listed as trusted. Also if your commenter has a Gravatar then they are also trusted.

Antispam Bee takes comment time into consideration. Therefore if too many comments are posted within a short amount of time then this is a sign for SPAM.

Having trouble with SPAM comments from various languages? Don’t worry anymore! Antispam Bee can be set to monitor for comments in certain language only. This ensures that only comments from your target audience can appear on your WordPress website. Speaking of this – the plugin can block or allow comments based on their geographical location. This means that you can choose which countries are considered as accepted and only comments from them will be shown.

Antispam Bee can treat BBCode as spam. This plugin can also validate the IP from which a comment is posted and block it in case of suspicion. Antispam Bee also uses regular expressions and can search in a local SPAM database for comments that have been previously marked as spammy. This can be matched against a public database as well in order to ensure protection.

Want to know if you are getting SPAM hits? Antispam Bee can notify you and your other admins by email. Want to delete SPAM comments after a couple of days automatically? Antispam Bee can be instructed to do this in your desired amount of days. You can also limit approval for only comments and pings. But beware that this instructs Antispam Bee to delete any other comment types automatically.

This plugin also selects SPAM indicators that will help it determine a comment as SPAM and delete it directly. You can set Antispam Bee for some optional features as well. For example you may want to exclude trackbacks and pingbacks from potential SPAM detection and you can also check comments on your archive pages (if you have enabled them).

Last but not least – Antispam Bee can provide detailed statistics in your WordPress dashboard.

What else do I need to know about using Antispam Bee?

This plugin may not be compatible with other comment solutions besides the default WordPress comment system.

Another important feature is that Antispam Bee does not contain any paid services or limitations.

For other information and questions please make sure that you have read the FAQ section of the page of the plugin.

So what do you think friends? Will you use Antispam Bee for your website? Share any thoughts and questions in the comment section below and spread the word about this post in social media.

Thank you and see you soon!

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