Huge-IT Forms plugin for WordPress – review

Hello friends,

In this post I will make a review of another great plugin developed and supported by Huge-IT which is called Forms.

Forms by Huge-IT

What does it do?

It is an elegant, yet powerful solution, that allows you to add custom forms to your WordPress website with minimum effort. But that’s not what’s most important here! You can add a variety of different forms. Let’s assume that you have a restaurant and you want to allow your clients to make reservations using your website. Well, just add Huge-IT forms to it, activate it and make some quick adjustments and then start serving these reservations. Simple as that!

screenshot-3You are selling something online and need the shipping address of your customer? Huge-IT Forms is here for you once again. Or maybe you want to gain anonymous insights on your website visitors? Decide which fields you need, add them to your form, and then start gaining information.

How to use the Forms plugin?

I have already said that you need to install and activate it first and then make some simple configurations. You need to know that this plugin is also available in different versions. The free version however might be more than sufficient for most websites. You can always upgrade to some of the paid plans in order to add more power to your forms and what is most important – receive high quality support.

You can get the plugin from the usual places – or you can add it from the plugin panel in your dashboard. Forms is also available from the official website of Huge-IT. In fact you can purchase one of the paid version from it.

Once you have activated the free version of Forms you will get a standalone menu in your WordPress dashboard called “Huge IT Forms”. Hover your mouse on it and you will be able to see different sub-menus.

For example the Huge IT Forms sub-menu will provide a list of all your forms with the possibilities to:

  • Search for forms;
  • Edit forms;
  • Delete Forms;
  • Add new forms;

screenshot-7If you decide to add a new form then you can choose a pre-made configuration for your form. For example if you need a Subscribe form you can click on that tab and you will get the needed fields. You can also change them by applying drag & drop, adding new pre-made fields of adding simple fields that you can configure manually for your goal.

screenshot-8When you are done you need to select the theme of the form (the free version is limited to 5 default themes and you cannot add additional ones). Then save the form and get the shortcode that you have to place on a post/page that will be used to display your form. And that’s it!

What about other options?

You are right! There are indeed some more options that are quite important and you need to configure them. Don’t worry – it’s simple. Get to the General options. There you need to:

  • Add your form settings:
    • name of the email sender;
    • email of the sender;
    • captcha public key;
    • captcha private key;
    • choose whether to save the submissions to the database or not;
  • Email to administrator settings:
    • choose whether to send email for each submission or not;
    • enter the administrator email;
    • enter the message subject of the email;
    • define the content of that message;
  • Define the form messages for various events – for example what should be displayed if the message is successful;
  • Email to user settings:
    • activate or deactivate the functionality;
    • enter the message subject;
    • enter the message content;

screenshot-11In the “All submissions” tab you can monitor and manage each submission to each form that you have integrated into your website.

screenshot-9And that’s it friends! Now let’s talk about the pro versions.

They allow you to add more themes to your forms which is actually very important as you want them to fit flawlessly into your theme’s design and you also want them to be noticeable. This is really important as it will increase the user friendliness of your WordPress website and it will predisposes the visitors to actually fill in the forms.

The Pro version offers you huge amount of design options under the Theme Options sub-menu. You can basically define the most suitable theme of the form by:

  • Setting Form Block Styles options;
  • Setting Labels Styles options;
  • Defining the Textarea Styles;
  • Choosing the Input-Text Styles;
  • Adding suitable Checkbox Styles;
  • Applying great Selectbox Styles;
  • Choosing Input-Radio Styles;
  • Adding File Uploader Styles;
  • Button Styles – this actually very important as a great button will serve as a call-to-action. You can add icons, colors, etc;
  • File Uploader Styles – also very important with many great sub-options;

You can even modify some of the 5 default themes that are included in the free version. This will save you time if the desired changes in the design are not too big. Just click on one of them and the same design options will appear in front of you!

This is great, especially if you don’t know CSS & HTML.


Finally the Pro versions allow you to manage newsletters. There is a tab called “Newsletter Manager” and in it you can configure:

  • Which forms should receive the newsletter;
  • Number of emails in one flow;
  • Interval between mailings;
  • The subject of the newsletter;
  • The content of the newsletter;
  • The email addresses that should receive the newsletter;


So now I turn to you, friends. What do you think of the “Forms” plugin? Would you install it on your WordPress website and what forms would you integrate? Share all these and anything else you want in the comments section below. Also such great solution needs to be shown to your friends, so that they may benefit from it as well, right? In this case, please spread the word of this post in social media.

Thank you and see you soon, friends!

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9 thoughts on “Huge-IT Forms plugin for WordPress – review”

  • Does it comes with customizable style options or you should choose from hard-coded designs ?

    • Hi Stuard,

      In the PRO version you have the Theme Manager which allows you to modify the design as you wish. You are not obliged to choose from the hard-coded designs but if you do – you can edit them as well.

  • Hi Daniel,

    May you please help me with:

    How can I get the information from a submit form to process that info and then show in another page?

    Thank you

    • Hi Carlos,

      I think that this is an appropriate question for the development team of this plugin. You can reach them via (use the link in the post) or through their official website (again a link is provided in the post).
      I am sure that you will receive professional support from them.

      Best regards,
      Daniel Angelov

  • Hi, unfortunately I cannot receive any submissions. Followed instructions perfectly, but still nothing. I tried to fill and send it myself too, but no luck. Please advice!

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