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Hello again friends,

We are back on the topic regarding the most suitable share buttons for your WordPress website. And in this post I will present to you another great alternative that might just be the thing that you need. It is called Share Buttons and it is created by Huge-IT.

Share Buttons by Huge-IT

Ok, a quick reminder why you need a solution like Share Buttons:

Your content might be great, but if no one knows that it exists it will stay in the dark. And your effort to create it doesn’t deserve such fate. But the great news is that it doesn’t have to be this way. There are lots of methods to make your content extremely popular and one of them is to share it in social media and to allow your visitors to share it as well. In order to increase the share rate and to improve the usability of your website you need a solution like Share Buttons that can be installed and configured in a flash.

What is so special about Share Buttons?

Speed and efficiency! Let’s start with the first one – speed. This WordPress plugin can be practically installed, activated and configured in less than a minute (if you have a proper Internet connection, of course). All you need to do after you have activated Share Buttons is to go to your WordPress Dashboard and then find the Share Buttons menu. It has 3 sub-menus: Share Buttons, Licensing and Featured Plugins. This is because Huge-IT (the creators of this wonderful plugin) have other great solutions that you might want to check out. Also Share Buttons has a PRO version which requires you to purchase a valid license in order to use it.

I will stick with the Free version for now – the one that you can find in

So basically when you get to the sub-menu that is also called Share Buttons, you need to choose which share buttons you want.

You can make your selection from:

  • Facebook;
  • Google Plus;
  • Twitter;
  • Pinterest;
  • Linkedin;
  • Tumblr;
  • Digg;
  • StumbleUpon;
  • MySpace

My advice to you is to make a research in advance (if you haven’t already done so) in order to find out which are the most commonly used social media networks by your target group of visitors. In most cases Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Linkedin are enough but you need to be sure about this. You can also leave all of them, of course, but that is not always the best solution.

In the settings menu you can also choose the size of the buttons. They can be small, medium or big.

You can also choose their position. For example this might be under the post, above it, etc.

Each change that you make in the settings menu of Share Buttons is displayed in an example content section so that you can be certain that everything will look great when you actually save them.

screenshot-16How to display Share Buttons in my content?

First of all you can either use shortcodes or you may add Share Buttons by using the newly added button in your Posts/Pages Visual Editor. Then all you need to do is to actually publish or update the content and it will be equipped with the chosen Share Buttons at the desired position and with the desired size.

Also for each post/page in the sidebar section of the visual editor you are presented with the option to remove the share buttons or to change their size and location for the current post/page only. This is awesome and allows even further customization of your content!

You can also integrate Share Buttons into your theme by adding PHP code to your template files.

screenshot-17What is in the PRO version of Share Buttons?

First of all – support and updates. This is vital for each PRO / Premium WordPress plugin. Then you can further customize the look&feel of your Share Buttons by:

  • Choosing a cool style for them – you can choose from lots of great looking options;
  • Modify the Share Buttons block by:
    • Setting a background;
    • Setting a background color;
    • Setting the block border size;
    • Setting the block border color;
    • Setting its radius;
    • Setting the margin from the content;
  • Modify the Share Buttons title by:
    • Change the “Share This:” default text with your own;
    • Modify the title position;
    • Choose a suitable font size;
    • Do the same with the title color;
    • And of course – select a suitable font for the title as well;
  • Set custom styles for the buttons:
    • Margin between the Share Buttons;
    • Background;
    • Background Padding;
    • Background Color;
    • Buttons Border Size;
    • Buttons Border Style, Color and Radius;

And that’s it friends! You can see the Share Buttons in action by watching this video:

Would you give this plugin a try? Share your thoughts in the comments below – they are very important for us. Also if you find this post useful, please spread the word about it in social media.

See you soon friends!

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