Improve your sidebar widgets with Black Studio TinyMCE Widget

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In my last post I wrote about TinyMCE Advanced and the various benefits of using it as your main WordPress editor. This means that I have already shown you how to make the content for your posts and pages better and more attractive to the visitors.

But what about the widgets? They are also very important as you can see them (by default) on every possible URL in your WordPress website – posts, pages, custom post types, archives, etc. And while you can choose specific widgets for specific URL’s and even devices, you still have to decide whether you want them to be good-looking and providing valuable information or not.

I know that you’d choose the first option as you want your website to look as great as possible. So in this post I will present to you one WordPress plugin that will allow you to achieve this task. It is called Black Studio TinyMCE Widget.

What does this plugin do?

Black Studio TinyMCE Widget is a WordPress plugin that will allow you to create fascinating sidebar, footer and other widgets by adding rich text and various media objects into the content that they are meant to display for the visitors. In other words this plugin will allow you to edit your widgets as you would do with an ordinary post or page. All of this thanks to the powerful features of the TinyMCE editor.

How to use Black Studio TinyMCE Widget?

First of all you need to install the plugin. You can do this by using different techniques but the most popular option is to use the WordPress plugin installer section in your dashboard. Search for Black Studio TinyMCE Widget and install it. As an alternative you can download this plugin from its official page.

So now you have to activate Black Studio TinyMCE Widget and then you need to go to Appearance ->Widgets. This section in your WordPress dashboard/admin panel holds the different widget types that you can place in the widget areas of your theme. If you are using a pagebuilder plugin like Site Origin Page Builder then you will be able to insert additional widget areas directly into your content.

However this is a private case so let’s focus on the mainstream usage of the widgets. Each theme has at least one widget area and in most cases this is the sidebar. So let’s assume that you want to add a rich text widget with different media objects there. All you have to do is find the “Visual Editor” widget amongst your widgets and drag&drop it to the sidebar widget area (or any other area).

After this you have to click on the added widget and start editing in order to add your content to it. You will have the opportunity to add a title and then enter your main content for this widget. You will have two sub-options – to use the visual editor or the text editor. The latter is for advanced users who know how to write their own HTML code.

You will also be able to insert media objects. Here you can use the WordPress gallery in order to add pictures, video files, PDF files, etc. You can choose from the already uploaded files or upload a new one and insert it directly into your widget.

Who should use Black Studio TinyMCE Widget?

All users can benefit from this wonderful solution! Beginners may use it in order to ease the creation of awesome widgets. Advanced users and developers may find Black Studio TinyMCE Widget suitable for entering HTML code with further ease than by using the default WordPress text widget.

You can also combine Black Studio TinyMCE Widget with the WP Edit Plugin in order to gain even better ability to create unique content for your widgets.

What else is important for Black Studio TinyMCE Widget?

If you are yet not convinced that this plugin is a must-have for your WordPress website, then you should know that it is compatible with WPML which means that you can use it for any bilingual or multilingual website.

Black Studio TinyMCE Widget is also able to improve the time on page statistics in your Google Analytics. Why? Well, because you may provide your users with valuable additional information for a specific page and thus encourage them to stay a little longer on it.

This plugin is also valuable for the reduction of the bounce rate as you may add links to different parts of your website and thus not allow the visitors to bounce that easily. These two features are very important in terms of On-Page SEO.

And if you are a fan of full-screen editing in WordPress then you will be able to do this when creating your widgets by using Black Studio TinyMCE Widget.

This plugin also adds support for widgets accessibility mode and it is also suitable for usage in WordPress multi-sites. Let’s not forget the support for live preview in the theme customizer. This is an important feature having in mind the bigger role of the customizer in the current WordPress version and the future versions as well.

Last but not least – Black Studio TinyMCE Widget is already translated into more that twenty languages so that you can present it without any problems for the target audiences or if you prefer using a specific language for your WordPress admin section.

This is all that can be said about Black Studio TinyMCE Widget. It is a must-have as I already stated in the post. And what is your opinion friends? Share it in the comment section below.

See you soon and don’t forget the share this post in Social Media!

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  • Great info, Daniel. You mentioned that this widget can be page specific but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to add it ONLY to one specific page. Any advice? Thanks in advance.

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