Instagram Feed for WordPress – review

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Do you want to know how to add your Instagram feeds on WordPress? This post will help you achieve this!

All you need is the plugin Instagram Feed.

Before we begin discussing its functionalities, let’s have a quick look at Instagram itself.

This social media has become extremely popular. It is used for photo and video sharing as well as social networking. Such a project attracts a great amount of users and sooner or later the attention of marketeers. There are plenty of guides available online that can help you create a powerful social media marketing strategy for Instagram so that you can start promoting your brand, products and services in this social media as well.

A suitable way to gain a bigger audience for your company’s Instagram profile is to popularize it as much as possible. One option is to integrate your feed in your website so that your new organic visitors may have a look at your photos/videos and then decide to follow you on that social media network. This is the very option that we are going to discuss in this post.

OK, I am intrigued! How can I use the plugin Instagram Feed?

Begin by installing and activating the plugin itself. You can do this in several ways. The most convenient one is to use the WordPress plugin installer system. However you can always upload the plugin manually and then install it. In this case you have to download it from its official page.

After this you have to activate it and then navigate to the settings page “Instagram Feed” in order to configure the plugin. This page is accessible through the WordPress dashboard. You will need your Instagram Access Token and Instagram User ID in order to connect the plugin with your Instagram account.

In the plugin settings you have to determine whether or not you want to keep the plugin settings in case you decide to remove it at a later point. This can be useful if you change your mind and choose to install it once again.

All of these settings are just the first tab in thie Instagram Feed settings menu. It is called “Configure”. Make sure that you click on the “Save Changes” button before you move on to the next tab.

It is called “Customize” and here you can make the magic work by choosing how will the feed look like on your WordPress website.

The options here are related to:

  • Width of the feed in pixels;
  • Height of the feed in pixesl;
  • Background colour;
  • Photos sorting – you can choose different orders for example from newest to oldest, etc;
  • Number of photos that are to be displayed via the Instagram Feed plugin;
  • Number of the feed’s columns;
  • The resolution that you’d like to use for your images;
  • The image padding around the images, etc.

Again – remember to save your changes before proceeding to the next tab which is called “Display Your Feed”.

In it you are presented with a default shortcode that you are free to paste anywhere you want in your WordPress website. For example you may use a post or a page. Most likely you will select a text widget which will be placed on a suitable widget area on your theme.

There are also different shortcode combinations so that you can display multiple feeds or make any other customizations.

The last tab is related to the license of the plugin Instagram Feed.

This review covers all of the free features. However you may choose to add more power by purchasing the PRO version of the plugin. Here is a short video that presents its features to you:

What is next? Give this plugin a try! If you want further tips on how to set it up and running then you can follow the official guide from this link.

Also you can share any opinions on Instagram Feed in the comment section below. See you soon and don’t forget to share this post in social media as well.

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