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Today we are going to be talking about managing multiple WordPress websites with just a single, yet extremely powerful solution.

If you are following TheCMSPlace then you are already aware of a similar tool called ManageWP Worker. Make sure that you read our review for it if you haven’t done this already.

In this post I will present to you InfiniteWP Client which is considered to be the best free way to manage multiple WordPress websites.

InfiniteWP Client - WordPress Plugin

What is InfiniteWP Client?

This is a WordPress plugin that you need to install on every WordPress website that you administer or you are yet to create. But before you do this you need to make sure that you have downloaded and installed the InfiniteWP Admin Panel. The latter is a self-hosted tool that you need to add to your own server. Thus everything is under your control and you will be able to manage your websites with just a couple of clicks.

The InfiniteWP Admin is also free in its basic form. You can use it on unlimited sites and pay 0$ per year! You will also get a great e-mail support but replies will come back to you after 1-4 days. This is a great package for a start and most websites will be happy with these basic features. However if you want more power with better support and additional features you may consider purchasing some of the other paid packages. You can see them on their pricing page.

When you have the Admin Panel installed you should activate the InfiniteWP Client WordPress plugin on all of your websites. Then add them in the Admin Panel and start managing them with just a couple of clicks. Even better – with just one click!

Where to get the InfiniteWP Client?

This plugin is available for free download on (click to visit the plugin page) and you can also get it by using the plugin installer system in your WordPress dashboard.

What are the main benefits after having installed InfiniteWP Client and InfiniteWP Admin Panel?

First of all you should really appreciate the fact that the admin panel is a self-hosted system. This means that you decide where to install it, how to manage it and how to use it. The data is under your control which is very important.

Next you have the possibility to focus on more important things than accessing and managing each of your WordPress websites individually. This is achieved by using the InfiniteWP’s functionality that allows you to update your themes, plugins, core and other features with just one click! This really saves time and effort!

Now let’s speak about backup and restoration. As you know this is very important as well. Having backups ensures that you will be able to fix any problems caused by bad configuration or incompatible plugins and themes. That is why backups are always accompanied with restoration when speaking of these functionalities. InfiniteWP allows you to make both for any of your websites that you have added in the admin panel. You will also be able to choose what to backup and restore – the whole website or just its database. And all of these is achieved instantly. Awesome, right?

Managing multiple websites by using InfiniteWP means that you should be able to access each admin panel with one click. And that is exactly what you’ll get when using the Admin Panel and the Client plugin.

Even when you are managing one WordPress website, you need to have bulk management functionalities for plugins, themes, etc. So you understand how important is to have them when speaking of managing multiple WordPress websites. InfiniteWP provides you with this. You will be able to activate and deactivate everything on all of the websites that you have added to the Admin Panel simultaneously.

And wouldn’t it be great if you had the possibility to bulk install plugins and themes on all of your projects at once? Why to imagine this when it is already a fact. Yes, InfiniteWP will allow you to achieve this effect as well.

These were just some of the plugin’s and the admin panel’s features. For more information you should visit the official website. Also you may want to see what additional plugins are available for the Admin Panel. Some of them might really give you the needed power that you desire.

Also you may want to check this video for more information about InfiniteWP Client:

That’s all folks! What do you think about this plugin and its Admin Panel. Would you use it? Share any thoughts and questions in the comment form below and don’t forget to spread the word about this post in social media as well.

See you soon, friends!

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