Responsive Lightbox by dFactory – [Review]

Hello friends,

In this post I will make a review on one plugin that will allow your website visitors to experience better image viewing on your posts and pages.

The plugin that will allow you to achieve this is called Responsive Lightbox by dFactory.

Responsive Lightbox by dFactory - WordPress Plugin

What does Responsive Lightbox by dFactory do?

It will simply add the beatiful lightbox (overlay) effect for your WordPress website. Thus your images will stand out when clicked upon. They will appear in a stylish window that will provide options for switching images and closing the current view. Also some info about the image will be presented as well.

What is so special about this plugin?

Responsive Lightbox by dFactory will not only present your images in style but it will also do this with consideration for the devices that your visitors are using to browse your WordPress website. This means that the lightbox effect will look great on any device due to its responsiveness. And let’s not forget that having an optimized responsive website is very important for SEO (especially for mobile optimization).

How to work with Responsive Lightbox by dFactory?

Begin by downloading the plugin (ether from or from the plugin installer system in your dashboard).

Then install and activate it. Next you need to set some settings in the admin panel of your WordPress website.

The General Settings are first.

There you need to decide what your default lightbox will look like. You can choose from SwipeBox, prettyPhoto, FancyBox, Nivo Lightbox, Image Lightbox, TosRUs, Featherlight.

Next you need to set up the rel selector that the effect will be applied to.

After this you have to decide whether or not to enable the effect for WordPress image links.

Next you can choose a single image title and then choose to display your images as a gallery or not. Speaking of galleries – Responsive Lightbox by dFactory can be enabled for them as well. You can even set the image size for them and the image title as well.

What is more important is that Responsive Lightbox by dFactory can be used to display embedded videos from YouTube and Vimeo in a stylish lightbox effect. You can read more on the topic of embedding videos from this post in our website.

Responsive Lightbox by dFactory can be enabled for widgets and comments. The plugin can be forced for different WordPress gallery replacements like Jetpack or Visual Composer galleries. Responsive Lightbox by dFactory can also replace the default product gallery lightbox from WooCommerce.

There are some other settings that you need to take care of before you go on to the next tab. Remember to save your changes.

The Lightbox tab is second.

Here you need to adjust stand-alone settings for each of the default lightbox effects. Simply select the one that you chose in the General tab and adjust its settings. The image below presents the options for SwipeBox:

Again you need to save your settings or progress will be lost. After you are done you can start enjoying your new lightbox effects.

This plugin also comes with its own *.pot file for translations.

A few words on the premium extensions for Responsive Lightbox by dFactory.

This plugin provides premium extensions that will enhance its functionality. For most website the free version will be enough but if you are aiming at providing premium experience for your visitors and you have the budget, you can consider bringing Responsive Lightbox by dFactory to another level by purchasing some (or all) of the extensions. The third tab in the plugin settings can provide more information as well as the official website of the plugin developers: .

So what do you think friends? Will you give this plugin a try? Share any thoughts and questions in the comment section below.

See you soon, friends!

*The images are embedded from the page of the plugin

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