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Today we are going to be discussing one solution that will help you achieve optimal results for your digital marketing campaigns. We will be focusing on its core functionalities and of course its WordPress integration.

This solution is called SendPulse and it is every marketeer’s best friend!

SendPulse - send newsletters, webpush notifications and SMS

What does SendPulse do?

A lot! SendPulse is a full featured suite that offers you the possibility to create and optimize your newsletter campaigns with ease, then send them via SMTP which is again provided by the suite. Then you can target users with push notifications. But that’s not all! You can also send SMS messages so that your customers will always be notified about your discounts and offers. There is also an API that can be used by the engineers for full control and endless managing capabilities.

But what is most important about SendPulse is that this solution relies on artificial intelligence, hyper personalization and predictive analysis. By using it you can be one step ahead of your competition!

I want to know more about SendPulse.

I am sure that you do! If you visit the official website of SendPulse you will find out everything that you need to know. However let’s focus on the key features of this solution, shall we?

SendPulse is the choice of over 320,000 users for a reason! It simply works as intended. With this solution your digital marketing campaigns will benefit from extremely high delivery rate worldwide. Also SendPulse provides you with speed service (again extremely high).

One of the most important parts of every digital marketing campaign are newsletters. If they are created properly and sent in an appropriate time, then they can result in great ROI. Many users will return to your website and a great amount of them will purchase your products or services. In order for this to happen you will need a solution that will allow you to focus on the most important part – the creation of the newsletter and its sending when intended. So here comes SendPulse with its ability to allow you to create different types of mailings and send them all from one single platform.

Remember that I mentioned that this solution allows you to focus on the important parts of your newsletter campaigns? Well after you create and send them it’s time to start communicating with your customers. And when using SendPulse you can also focus on this extremely important part and leave everything technical to the great team behind the solution.

Sending a newsletter campaign must be done from servers that are known to have good reputation. Period! Everything else can be compared to trying to shoot birds with flak guns. You might hit some but most will simply fly away! But you can relax! With SendPulse not only that no birds will receive any harm, but your emails will just arrive to every subscriber! Nothing is lost!

This solution also allows you to create split tests so that you can achieve higher number of website conversions. There is also support for mobile devices. This means that your newsletters will be responsive and will allow your subscribers to read them with ease on their mobile devices.

SendPulse provides automation features. Using this suite you will be able to create hybrid series of communications and target your users with SMS, newsletters, webpush notifications. There is also an integration with third party systems that will ease the process even more. There are additional features like resend to unopened which is known to increase the original open rate of your newsletters campaign by up-to 80% (industry dependent).

Last but not least – you get an analytics functionality that will allow you to receive detailed reports so that you will know what is the status of your campaigns and how to improve them.

How to integrate SendPulse with WordPress?

There is a plugin that will activate Web Push notifications on your WordPress website. You may get it from or by using the plugin installer in your dashboard. There is also an excellent guide created by the SendPulse team that will show you exactly how you can integrate your website with the suite. Make sure that you read it (click here).

There is also another plugin from SendPulse that allows you to generate subscribers from your own WordPress website. There is a vast amount of benefits of having this plugin installed and activated. For example you can make list segmentation. Make sure that you read more about this plugin from here. And you can also download it from as well.

So what do you think friends? If you are still uncertain about whether to use SendPulse or not, then you need to know that you are able to try it for free. 15,000 emails can be sent monthly when using this solution and without any costs!

If you want to find out more about SendPulse, you can have a look at the official YouTube channel of SendPulse. There you can find great videos that explain how to work with the solution.

Here is an example for one of them which shows how you can create newsletters using SendPulse:

See you soon, friends!

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