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Do you want to insert the most needed shortcodes to your WordPress posts or pages at any time? If you do want this then you have already searched for various shortcode plugins and you most probably have installed (or at least considered installing) multiple ones in order to make a selection of all the shortcodes that you trully need.

But this is a mistake and there are two reasons why this is considered as such. First of all having more than one WordPress plugin that provide similar functionalities can slow down your website or even worse – this may cause additional conflicts. In both cases you don’t want to take this risk. Besides the different shortcode plugins may look different or act differently which is another inconvenience. You do want a superb looking website, right?

So the obvious solution here is to find a WordPress plugin that can provide as many shortcodes as possible in one place. The great news is that such solution exists and it is called Shortcodes Ultimate. In this post I am going to present it to you.

What is Shortcodes Ultimate?

The name says it all – this is an mega pack of shortcodes that can supercharge your WordPress website. The developers of the plugin consider it as a premium one that you get absolutely for free.

And if by some means you are not fully satisfied with the quantity (and the quality) of all shortcodes that are included in this collection then you may empower your website even further by adding some of the available premium add-ons which provide you with:

  • 15+ additional shortcodes for your needs;
  • more than 60 additional skins;
  • a solution that will allow you to craft your own shortcodes;

And if you want all of these three then there is the Add-ons Bundle which combines them and you even get a 15$ discount. Isn’t this just awesome?

How will Shortcodes Ultimate supercharge my WordPress website?

You can use this plugin in order to modify any post or page by adding additional features to it. For example you may choose to create tabs or maybe you might want to add a slider here or there. And what about videos? With Shortcodes Ultimate you can add responsive ones to your WordPress website. Need buttons or different boxes? Say no more! Shortcodes Ultimate has these and many others as well.

This mega collection of shortcodes consist of more than 50 different solutions. The design of the plugin looks great and it should fit any website so that your most sophisticated tastes are fully fulfilled. Each of the shorcodes here is 100% responsive which is an absolute must-have for any website that wants to be considered as mobile-friendly. And this is very important for SEO, as you may know.

Speaking of design and great looks, this plugin can be altered by adding your very own custom CSS. There is even a special CSS-editor included. This is a CSS3 powered solution, bear in mind.

You also get a custom widget and multilingual support. Also there is a RTL Support included. You can use Shortcodes Ultimate with any theme and it should work out of the box flawlessly. This plugin is easily extendable as well.

How to use Shortcodes Ultimate?

First of all you need to download, install and activate the plugin. When you are done with these three steps you need to start creating a new page or a new post. As soon as the WordPress visual editor appears you will see that a new button is placed near “Add Media”. It is called “Insert Shortcode” and all you need to do in order to add any shortcode is to click it.

When you do this you will be presented with a menu window for the shortcodes generator. It contains all the shortcodes that you can add. There is even an option to search for the desired shortcode. At the top of this menu window you will see three links. One of them leads to the plugin settings page where you can modify the way Shortcodes Ultimate behaves. The second will transfer you to the homepage of the plugin and the third will lead you to the official support forums for Shortcodes Ultimate where you can find useful information and assistance.

In this menu window you will also be able to filter the various shortcodes by type as well.

For the different shortcodes you will get various options to choose from. For example buttons – they come in different sizes and styles. Need a specific colour? No problem, as Shortcodes Ultimate will present you with the possibility to select the most suitable one there is. You can also choose between unlimited border radius values and icons. There is also support for wide buttons. Great, isn’t it?

Now image all of the different types of shortcodes and the vast choices that you can make. This plugin alone can add such a powerful functionality to any WordPress website that you may never need another solution of the same type as well.

When you are satisfied with the selection you need to simply click on the shortcode and voilà – it is inserted and ready to be used when the page or the post is published. That’s it!

So, what do you think of this plugin, friends? Would you use it? Share any thoughts, questions or other feedback in the comment section below.

See you soon!

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