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Sharing your content in your social media profiles and pages is important. It increases traffic and brand awareness and also helps you gain more social followers for your brand. That is why you are obliged to use social media and use it wisely. However you (as a website and brand owner) are not the only one who would like to share your content. If it is great enough your visitors will do this too. So you need to make it easy for them to post your content in the social media of their choice.

In this article I am going to present you some high quality social sharing solutions for WordPress that will allow your visitors to spread the word about your content in social media.

1. Jetpack and its sharing functionality

Jetpack - social sharing

Jetpack is an advanced WordPress plugin that makes it extremely easy for WordPress beginners to set up their websites so that they may provide all the necessary features. One of the functionalities of this awesome plugin is the sharing buttons. All you need to do is install and activate Jetpack, connect it to your account and then activate the sharing functionality. Then you may choose which buttons you want to be available for your users and how they will look like. The latter means that you can choose between the Jetpack social sharing button design or the integration of the official buttons for each social media.

The result is great and provides your blog posts the necessary social sharing capabilities. Not to mention that this is done within a couple of minutes. The arranging of the buttons is done via Settings – Sharing in the WordPress admin panel and you can do this by just using drag&drop. Also you may choose the text above the social sharing buttons. This is a call to action section so choose a suitable message. By default the sharing buttons will be at the end of the post but there is a way to show them at the beginning as well.

2. Shareaholic | share buttons & related posts

Shareaholic - social sharing

Shareaholic is a great WordPress plugin that will do exactly what you need – add all the necessary social sharing buttons. But that is not all. Remember when we talked about related or similar posts in WordPress? Well this plugin also provides such a functionality and thus it will not only aid you in getting more social traffic but will also help you reduce your website’s bounce rate.

Shareaholic | share buttons & related posts  is:

  • Completely customizable
  • Optimized for mobile devices
  • Scalable to any size
  • Extremely fast and secure

And if this is not enough for you – well this plugin provides Social analytics i.e. all the necessary metrics so that you can monitor the activity on your most popular pages, referral channels and of course social sharing activities for your WordPress website.

Final verdict – a must have plugin!

3. Social Media Feather

Social Media Feather

Well since we started talking about speed I must say that this is an extremely important SEO ranking factor. So you have to choose plugins that will not slow down your WordPress website. And here is one of them. Social Media Feather adds lightweight social media sharing and follow buttons so that your visitors can share your content with ease and also without any additional load on your hosting. This plugin focuses on simplicity and better website performance as well as unobtrusive impact. Social Media Feather also provides full support for the Retina and high resolution displays. As for customization – there are skins for the social sharing buttons to choose from and you can also make other changes so that the buttons will fit perfectly for your website.

4. Share Button Mashshare

Share Button Mashshare

This plugin is created by Mashable and it is a great social sharing solution. Its free version only supports Facebook and Twitter and this is more than enough for most websites. This is the negative side of the plugin. But regardless of this Share Button Mashshare is able to provide caching so that you can control the update frequency of the social shares counters. This is extremely important because if used correctly can increase the social sharing rate of your content by stimulating the visitors to share. This is actually the main and most important functionality of this plugin that makes it unique and perfect for your WordPress website. Of course it provides many more functionalities as well.

5. Floating Social Bar

Floating Social Bar

WP Beginner’s baby! It is awesome since it constantly shows the social sharing buttons when the visitors are reading your posts. This floating bar acts as a call-to-action and makes it extremely easy for them to share. Using this plugin may drastically increase the virality of your posts and believe me – you want this to happen! 🙂 Again this plugin is lightweight and it fits perfectly to most of the WordPress themes. So go ahead and try it.

6. Simple Share Buttons Adder

Simple Share Buttons Adder

This plugin does exactly what its name says – adding social sharing buttons to your posts in the simplest way possible. It can be configured very quickly and works correctly without unnecessary burden to your site.

So with this the list ends. However there are more awesome plugins out there so you just need to find the most suitable one for your WordPress website.

Last but not least – let me remind you when your visitors might want to share your content. In order this to happen your posts have to be:

  • Unique and providing a specific solution to a specific problem
  • To add extra value
  • To be without grammar and punctual errors
  • To be in the suitable language for your target group
  • To contain multimedia content – images, infographics, videos and so on
  • To be shareable – i.e. to have the needed social sharing solution
  • So which one is your favourite, friends?

See you again!

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