More speed with WP-Fastest Cache [Review]

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Today we are going to be focusing on one very important aspect for On-Page SEO – Speed! Using a caching plugin is one of the things that you need to consider if you want to improve the loading times for your WordPress posts and pages.

There are many solutions that exist for our favorite CMS. Some are extremely convenient, others – not so much. But in the end they all provide what we wanted – caching functionality. So it is not that hard to find a suitable plugin and to give it a try, right?

However the dilemma here is what is the difference between all of these solutions and why are they so many? Indeed this is the real reason why you need to look for high quality caching plugins. In a previous post I have reviewed ZenCache, so you can check it out too. There I have also mentioned the biggest players on the market – W3 Total Cache and WP Super Cache.

Today I am going to make a review on a plugin which has the bold name WP-Fastest Cache.

Is it really the “fastest” caching solution on the market?

According to the data provided on its page this seems very likely to be the case. Please look at the images below:

WP-Fastest Cache compared to other WordPress caching plugins

Performance comparison between WP-Fastest Cache and other high-quality WordPress caching solutions.

How does WP-Fastest Cache work?

Like any other caching plugin. WP-Fastest Cache generates static HTML files which are then served to the visitors. Therefore the server is not burdened with the need to search for the content in the MySQL database and then to use PHP in order to present it to the visitors. Thus your website achieves faster loading times for your posts and pages. Users are happy, your hosting provider is happy and your website has the possibility to rank higher (which means that you will be happy as well). A win-win situation!

What else can WP-Fastest Cache provide, besides the general caching functionality?

A very good question! WP-Fastest cache also provides the following features:

  • Preloading – this feature allows you to create the cache of all the post, page, category, homepage periodically, which helps much in improving future page loads. What is best is that this happens automatically without additional settings or the need to monitor it constantly. All you have to do is to enable this functionality in the settings page of WP-Fastest Cache and then select the content type for which you want to generate cached files in advance;
    WP-Fastest Cache comes with a powerful preloading feature for better website speed
  • Disable the caching functionality for logged-in users;
  • Disable the desktop cached version of the website for mobile devices;
  • Automatic deletion of the cache when a new post is created – here you can choose to delete the home cache only or all cached pages;
  • Automatic deletion of the cache when a post is updated – choose between the removal of all cached content or only the cache that is related to the updated post;
  • HTML Minification – this feature can optimize the HTML code of your website and thus improve the loading times even more;
  • CSS Minification – WP-Fastest Cache can optimize the CSS code of your WordPress website and therefore improve the loading times once again;
  • CSS Combine Functionality – helps for reduction of HTTP requests;
  • Javascript combination – by combining JS files in the header, WP-Fastest Cache is able to add additional HTTP requests reduction;
  • Powerful GZIP compression;
  • Browser caching that reduces page load times for repeat visitors;
  • Support for different languages.

With WP-Fastest Cache you will be able to delete your cache when desired as well as the minified CSS/JS files that the plugin has generated. The latter is important when you have updated the content of the original ones.

For advanced users there is the option to add cache timeout rules.

Timeout rules for caching with WP-Fastest Cache

Another powerful feature is the exclusion of elements that you do not want to cache. For example you may disable the caching for:

  • Pages
  • User-Agents
  • Cookies
  • CSS
  • JS

Choose the type of content that you wish to exclude from caching with WP-Fastest Cache

With WP-Fastest Cache you can also add a CDN provider for even faster website!

WP-Fastest Cache can work with various CDN providers for better website speed

With this I have covered the powerful features of the FREE version of WP-Fastest Cache.

If you are interested you can download it from and give it a try. Another option is to use the plugin installer system in your own WordPress website.

The Premium version however gives you even more power! Make sure that you check it out on the official website of the plugin (click here). If you consider purchasing it then this can be done through a link in the free version.

So what do you think about WP-Fastest Cache, friends? Share any questions or other feedback in the comment section below.

See you soon!

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