Want a better WordPress Editor? Try TinyMCE Advanced

Hello friends,

In this post I will present to you one tiny, but extremely powerful editor for WordPress. It is called TinyMCE Advanced.

Before I begin this review I’d like to explain why you might want to use TinyMCE Advanced instead of the default visual editor.

The answer is actually very simple – for more options when creating your unique WordPress content.

The default visual editor is powerful enough but if you intend to take your writing on a higher level you might want to consider something far more advanced. And such functionality is provided by the plugin that is presented in this review.

How to create better content with TinyMCE Advanced?

As usual you need to install and activate this plugin. You may do this from the wordpress.org page and then add it manually or you may choose to use WordPress’s installer system for plugins. In both ways you will end up with this editor and you can start using its full potential in order to improve your writing skills when creating your content.

When you are done with the installation and activation of the plugin you can create a new post or a page in order to see it in action. The default view of TinyMCE Advanced will look like the default WordPress visual editor (and that is actually its goal). However not everything is as it used to be. If you look again you will discover an additional toolbar with menus on it.

There you will see a File menu, an Edit menu, Insert menu, View menu, Format menu, Table menu and Tools menu. Each of them has its own sub-menu structure. And this actually makes you feel more comfortable as if you are using your favorite offline editor.

You can also drag & drop buttons and rearrange them as you wish in order to make the best tools available for you when creating your posts/pages. You will discover that you are now equipped with many more options than before.

But not only professional copywriters can benefit from the power of TinyMCE Advanced. Beginners can also take vast advantage from this wonderful plugin as its usage will limit (not to say remove) the need to use the text editor which might be harder for them. As you have noticed you will be able to insert even tables to your posts/pages. But not only you will be able to create them – you will also be able to edit them professionally. TinyMCE Advanced provides you with awesome options for lists. Now you will be able to insert them to your content professionally.

And how about that good old Search and Replace functionality that we miss from the popular programs MS Word, Libre Office, Open Office, etc? Well, now you can enjoy using it right in your WordPress website when you are creating your next post or page. Great, isn’t it?

But if you are serious about formatting your text then you should pay special attention to the fonts and their sizes. And that is the next reason why you are simply going to love using TinyMCE Advanced as your WordPress editor. Here you can select the font family and set an appropriate size.

The list of options continues, friends. And you should really give TinyMCE Advanced a try.

What do you think of this plugin? Have you used it? In this case your opinion is more than welcome. You can also share any other thoughts and questions (if any) about this plugin in the comment section below. Do not forget to share this post in social media as well.

Thank you friends and see you soon!

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