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WordPress is a CMS that can help many webmasters and admins to achieve their goals by creating the most suitable websites for their needs. This can be a regular blog (the reason why WordPress was created in the first place), a corporate website, presentation website, e-commerce project or something else. Yes, WordPress can be used for all you can think of and it works! That is why in December 2016 the percentage of all websites globally that are using WordPress is 27% with approximately 50.000 new ones added daily (according to

The core of this CMS is quite powerful out-of-the-box, but the real power comes when you add high-quality plugins. This has been discussed many times here at TheCMSPlace and you can have a look at our various reviews so that you can discover suitable solutions with great quality for your websites.

In this post we will present to you our list of top 10 WordPress plugins for 2016 (starting from 10 to 1) so that you can have a head start when planning your next project.

So without further ado let’s begin with number 10:

#10 OptinMonster


This is the most popular software for WordPress in terms of conversion rate optimization. What OptinMonster does is simply to interact with all leaving visitors (the ones that are just about to close your website or move to another one) so that they can be transformed into email subscribers by filling out a unique form. This plugin relies on popups which are highly debated. Many users and webmasters consider them as “pure evil” while others simply adore them. The decision whether you are going to use such a plugin is up to you (and your audience, of course) but here are some things that might make you fall in love with OptinMonster:

  • You can create astonishing forms that will attract any visitor’s attention by just using drag&drop;
  • There are multiple form types to choose from;
  • The Exit Intent® Technology will detect user behavior and will target them at the precise moment;
  • You can do split tests so that you can choose from the best form for your audience;
  • Page level targeting is included in OptinMonster;
  • You can monitor statistics by the built-in analytics functionality;

These are some of the features that have turned OptinMonster into one of the top plugins for 2016 and if you really want to grow your email lists and bring back any leaving visitors so that they can become customers and brand followers, then this is definitely the plugin that you should consider using!

#9 UpdraftPlus

UpdraftPlus - Solution for backup and restoration of a WordPress website

We are really proud to present to you one of the best backup plugins for WordPress. And in 2016 it has become even more popular. That is why it is included in this list. UpdraftPlus has already been reviewed here at TheCMSPlace so make sure that you read our review by clicking here. This is one really awesome plugin that will allow you to create regular backups of your website and also to restore any broken things with just a few clicks. Yes, it is that easy! You get to choose where to store your backups, run automated jobs, manage backups and more.

#8 Redirection

Redirection - WordPress Plugin for making 301 Redirects

Another high-quality plugin that is still among the most popular ones in 2016. Our guess is that it will continue to be this popular in the following years as well. And this is not accidental! Redirection is the best plugin for managing all your redirects. Having a page moved to a new URL? No problem – just use Redirection to point to the crawler bots its new location. Want to know if there are some 404 errors on your website? Redirection is here for you as well! You will get a list of them so that you can decide what to do. This plugin relies on 301 redirects which are considered to be SEO friendly.

Make sure that you read our post on how to make redirections in WordPress so that you can find out more about this awesome plugin as well as some advanced information for the topic.

#7 WordFence Security

Wordfence Security - Protection system for WordPress

Who wants to have their website hacked? No one! That is why a great security solution like WordFence is needed. We have made a review on this plugin – it is available from this link. Read it to find out more about its powerful features and we are certain that you might want to try it out for your next WordPress project. What you get out-of-the-box is a free (yes, free) enterprise-class protection from various hacking attempts and malware infections. Great, isn’t it?

#6 MailChimp for WordPress

MailChimp for WordPress

One of the best solutions for email marketing is MailChimp for WordPress. It will allow you to gain more email subscribers and grow your email lists. Then you need to login into your MailChimp account and start creating your stylish newsletters with ease. This extremely popular plugin is also reviewed here at TheCMSPlace. Click here to find out more about MailChimp for WordPress.

#5 SiteOrigin Page Builder

SiteOrigin Page Builder

Want a free solution that will allow you to create any page just like you have imagined it? Then you need a high-quality Page Bulider like SiteOrigin’s one. This is one awesome solution that comes with various widgets and functionalities and all you need to do is just use drag&drop in order to create the structure of your page or post. Yes, it is that easy! SiteOrigin Page Builder has been reviewed in details in this post. But it is important to stress out that there are some other high-quality and also extremely popular page building solutions for 2016 as well. You may find a detailed list here.

#4 WooCommerce


The solution that transforms WordPress into a powerful e-commerce platform! There are tons of additional plugins for WooCommerce as well as themes that are intentionally created to improve its functionality. WooCommerce is definitely one of the top plugins for 2016 as it powers a vast amount of e-commerce websites. And believe me these numbers will continue to grow together with this plugin’s popularity.

When you get WooCommerce you receive a solution that allows you to present your products on your WordPress website with extreme ease. This is by far the most robust e-commerce solution that you may find for our favorite CMS and it provides great power right out-of-the-box. Start selling now!

#3 Advanced Custom Fields

Advanced Custom Fields

The best plugin for creating custom fields cannot be left out from this list. It is definitely a solution that you may find useful. With it you can take full control on your editor screen when creating posts or pages. Add the fields that you need and that will enhance your creativity. There is a review for this plugin available for you on this post as well. You can read it from this link.

#2 Google Analytics by MonsterInsights

Google Analytics by MonsterInsights

This is the formerly known plugin Google Analytics by Yoast. The team behind the plugin is different but its main functionality is the same. There is a review which you can read in order to find out more about this solution. What makes it extremely popular and needed is that you can add with extreme ease the tracking code for your Google Analytics account and start receiving statistical data for your visits and so on. This is by far the best way of doing this.

#1 Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO

Every WordPress website needs a high-quality SEO solution. And Yoast SEO is probably the best solution you can find. When using it you will improve your content creation, add all of the needed meta-elements and manage the way your content should or should not be indexed. With this plugin you will rank higher and your traffic will increase. A definite must-have for every WordPress installation! That is why Yoast SEO is at the number one spot in our list for top 10 WordPress plugins for 2016! There is also a premium version with more powerful features for even better SEO results.

This concludes our list, friends. If you have any suggestions, please use the comment form below in order to share them with us. We are also open for any questions or other feedback from you as well. Share this post in social media so that other users may find out which plugins they should consider using in 2017.

See you soon, friends!

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3 thoughts on “Top 10 WordPress plugins for 2016”

  • I use some of them.

    For some reason Origin dosent work for me. Can you take a look?

    Any adive will be usefull. Also do you think Yoast premium helps more than the free one?

    Best Regards.

    • Hi,

      Sometimes there are incompatibilities between different plugins and themes. You can check if this is the case by turning off all your plugins except SiteOrigin. If the problem persists than the problem is in your theme. To check if this is the case change your theme to the default WordPress theme. Also there are other page builders. You can check them here:

      Personally I dont think that Yoast Premium is much better than the free version but I haven’t tried it myself. There are some good features in the premium version like the internal linking which is important for On-Page SEO but you can also do it manually.

  • Lots of useful WordPress plugins are present here.
    you can add slider plugin into your list also. I want to share one best slider plugin that is Avartan Slider. It is responsive plugin to create stunning image slider and video slider for your blogging site.

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