Top 5 WordPress Affiliate Plugins For Serious Marketers

If you are unaware, you can make a lot of money in blogging thanks to affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing may sound complicated, but it is very simple. Nearly the entire process can be automated (or require little work) before you can make your first earning on affiliate sales. The only challenge you will ever face in affiliate marketing is probably the convincing or selling part.

WordPress users are spoilt with multiple choices when it comes to affiliate marketing. There are many plugins which you can use to turn happy readers into customers and even showing relevant advertisements to them at the right time. More importantly, these plugins are so flexible where you can set once and forget!

Let’s discover the top 5 affiliate plugins for WordPress below.

Thirsty Affiliates

When it comes to cloaking an affiliate link, Thirsty Affiliates is my favorite plugin. At first glance, Thirsty Affiliates plugin looks like most of the major players (for affiliate plugins) in the market. However, it comes packing with quite a few powerful features which can take your affiliate marketing to a whole new level.

Here are some features in Thirsty Affiliates:

  • Accurate statistic tracking
  • Automatic keyword linking (save time and make more money faster)
  • Ability to import links from Amazon and other similar platforms

The real unique ability of Thirsty Affiliates lies within its add-on bundles such as Geolocations and Google Click Tracking.

In Geolocations, Thirsty Affiliates allows you to target visitors from specific countries with the chosen affiliate links. This will result in a higher conversion rate and indirectly, a better chance to monetize your WordPress blog.

Google Click Tracking allows the plugin automatically to detect affiliate links and adds Google Analytics Event tracking. If you are serious about understanding statistics and click-through-rates, this plugin is definitely for you.

Pretty Link

Pretty Link has come a long way in the affiliate marketing niche, and it is extremely popular among WordPress users. For me, Pretty Link is a great alternative plugin for Thirsty Affiliates.

Instead of using URL shorteners such as and, you can shorten links using your domain name directly on your WordPress blog. Pretty Link plugin gains a lot of popularity because it is easy to use and is highly flexible.

Just like most of the affiliate plugins, it comes with several different options for statistic reports. For example, you can choose between basic and advanced statistic reports which are displayed based on various requirements such as the number of hits and unique hits per link. For advanced marketers, you may want to opt for the advanced statistic as it will display the results in graph form which helps to decipher the data even better.

OIO Publisher

This plugin has been in the market for some time now, and it is still one of the most powerful affiliate plugins for both beginners and advanced marketers.

The concept behind OIO Publisher is simple; a huge percentage of affiliate marketing is closely related to banners and hyperlinks. With OIO Publisher plugin, marketers can control these links like never before. This means that both of the above are extremely flexible, and you can easily tweak them easily from time to time without needing any coding skills or manually changing the links.

With OIO Publisher, you can create rotation and display different banners based on specific categories. Instead of constantly changing the advertisement banners, all you need to do is to change the banner in the plugin, and it will take care of the rest. If hyperlinks are your favorite method, OIO Publisher allows you to create hyperlinks throughout the blog without needing to change page by page.

Affiliate marketing can be a tough job and therefore, OIO Publisher allows you to sell advertisement space in its marketplace. You can sell all forms of text ads, banners and even paid reviews with prices of your choice using OIO Publisher.


Adsanity is a great ad management plugin for beginners. It allows you to insert banners, in post graphics and videos in just a few clicks. The best part? The entire process can be done directly from your WordPress dashboard!

With Adsanity, you can configure the plugin to schedule the duration of an advertisement or banner that is in view. This ensures that you can maximize the revenue gained while ensuring that you do not display banners which had expired. For same bloggers, Adsanity is also known as a light ad rotator plugin. It is incredibly easy to setup and extremely lightweight that does not have a huge impact on website loading speed.

Just like any other WordPress affiliate plugin, Adsanity comes with several statistic options for you to analyze the performance. What attracts me in this feature is the graph-like statistic which is really powerful and highly user-friendly.

Auto Affiliate Links

Affiliate marketing can be very time-consuming. For starters, you are required to find the right product to promote and after that, writing a high-quality article to boost the sales of it. Then, the last step is to add the much-important affiliate links to ensure that you are credited with the sales commission.

In most cases, the entire process of marketing an affiliate product would take hours, and it can be stressful. With Auto Affiliate Links plugin, most of the affiliate marketing job can be done rather quickly especially when it comes to creating unique shorten links.

You can easily integrate popular affiliate marketplace such as Shareasale and Amazon to the plugin. It will then add the affiliate links directly into your content with just a few clicks. You can also take affiliate marketing to a whole new level by using an API key to generate automatically and display links from the marketplace.

The plugin allows you to maintain a good control of the affiliate marketing process as you can define the number of links to be automatically shown on a page.


In today’s world, there are many WordPress affiliate plugins which you can choose from. While you cannot go wrong with any of these plugins, it is important for you to understand the features of the individual plugins first before installing them. This is to ensure that you can leverage the plugin to the best of its ability and make affiliate marketing work extremely well (and easy) for you.

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