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Sooner or later you may need to change the location of your WordPress installation. This might be caused by the need of a new domain name, new hosting or even transfer to a localhost server so that you may test the future changes on your website.

So no matter what is the reason you need to make sure that your database and files are transferred correctly. There are several ways to achieve this however most of them are not suitable for beginners.

The great news is that there is an extremely user friendly solution that will allow you to move your WordPress to the new location with just a couple of clicks. This plugin will also be useful for backup purposes which is also very important. So without further ado I am pleased to present to you All-in-Оne-WP Migration.

All-in-One WP Migration the user-friendly solution for WordPress transfers and backups.

Like always you need to install and activate the plugin. Then a new section will appear in your WordPress dashboard. It is called All-in-One WP Migration. You need to click on it.

The settings subsection for All-in-One WP Migration in the WordPress Dashboard

Once you do this you will be automatically redirected to the “Export” subsection. Please do note that there are two more subsections available: “Import” and “Backups”.

The Export subsection for All-in-One WP Migration. Here you generate the backup file that may be used to restore your installation or to transfer it to another server.

On the “Export” subsection you can choose what text to find and replace in the database and you can add multiple strings using the Add button. You can also set advanced options for the export.

You can choose between:

  • Do not export spam comments
  • Do not export post revisions
  • Do not export media library (files)
  • Do not export themes (files)
  • Do not export plugins (files)
  • Do not export database (sql)
  • Put the site in maintenance mode while exporting

After this is the “Export to” button. Again you need to choose between:

  • File
  • FTP
  • Dropbox
  • Google Drive
  • Amazon S3

In most cases “File” will be more than sufficient so let’s click on this option. A new window appears and All-in-One WP Migration is doing its work. After this is completed you can download your file and use it to do the migration on the new server.

How to do this?

First of all you need to download the file that All-in-One WP Migration has generated. It contains a backup of your files and your database. Then create a new WordPress installation on the new server. Do not worry about the details – just go with simple admin user details and default WordPress settings. Complete the installation and then install and activate All-in-One WP Migration on it. Then head to the “Import” subsection and either drag&drop the generated file or click on the “Import from” button and select “File”.

The Import subsection of All-in-One WP Migration will allow you to easily make the transfer of your installation or to restore it.

As you can see you can also choose from:

  • URL
  • FTP
  • Dropbox
  • Google Drive
  • Amazon S3

Then All-in-One WP Migration will begin the transfer of the files and the database and after the plugin has completed its work your old website will be transferred on 100% to the new server. Everything will be replaced correctly without any difficulties. Just sit back, relax and let All-in-One WP Migration do its job.

Now let’s check what is in the “Backups” subsection.

The Backups subsection of All-in-One WP Migration will allow you to manage the generated backup/transfer files.

In it you will see the generated files that are ready to be downloaded. You are also presented with information about the remaining disk space on your server. For each backup you can choose whether to download the file, restore it or simply free more space by deleting it.

Additional information:

As you can see the usage of  All-in-One WP Migration is extremely easy and user friendly. But there are some things that you need to be aware of.

First of all this awesome plugin is free but you are limited to only 512 mb for a transfer. This means that if your WordPress installation is bigger than the default size you need to purchase the premium version of the plugin or you need to make the transfer using other methods. For most of the websites the 512 mb limit is not a problem and you should be just fine with the free version.

The second thing to be aware of is the encoding of the file names in your WP gallery. If they contain any non-latin characters the plugin may not be able to back them up correctly and this will cause problems later on.

If you intend to rely on All-in-One WP Migration for backup purposes I would recommend to have another backup option available just in case. You can use BackWPup for this purpose.

Another important moment is related to the caching plugin that you are using. If possible stop the caching process and clear the cache before making an export file with All-in-One WP Migration.

So this is it friends! Happy transfers and don’t forget to share your thoughts on the plugin in the comments below.

See you soon.

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  • Have you had a chance to review and consider WP Migrate DB Pro. It’s very robust and several configuration controls.

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