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Do you want to know what makes nowadays websites great? Content! Yes, once again you will encounter the famous phrase that “Content is King!”. And, yes – it is! Because without content each website will be just a pile of code. Content is everything on your website that might provide value for your target audience. It may be text, images, video files and other multimedia.

In this post I will present to you one solution that will help you create content in the form of interactive slideshows for your WordPress website. This plugin is extremely popular and has one of the highest ratings. Its name is Meta Slider!

Why do I need sliders on my website at all?

There are many discussions on the topic whether the sliders are necessary or not. There are many pros and cons for both sides, however one opinion summarizes the answer to this question. Sliders are necessary only if they are able to provide great value by solidifying the branding and trust for the website that they are used on.

So, before you attempt to insert one you need to sit down and do some thinking. You need to be creative in order to find the best purpose for every slider that you want to add. You may also need to do some split testing in order to determine if the sliders are great for your website or not (according to your target audience, of course).

But let’s assume that you already have this figured out and you just need the most suitable solution in order to create your sliders. So in this case the most logic questions should be:

How does Meta Slider allow me to create astonishing slideshows on my WordPress website?

First of all let’s start by saying that this popular plugin is extremely easy to use. With that being said you can now imagine the ease of adding various sliders to different parts of your website.

Next is the ability of Meta Slider to allow different slideshow solutions. You can choose from:

  • Flex Slider 2 – this is a responsive slider that provides your website with two transition effects and also a carousel mode;
  • Nivo Slider – another great slideshow solution that Meta Slider provides. It displays 16 different transition effects and comes with 4 themese. Again this is a responsive solution;
  • Responsive Slides – if you just want something that will not slow down your website and in the mean time is responsive, then this is the most suitable option for you;
  • Coin Slider  – this will provide you with four transition effects for your slideshows;

In order to create any of these sliders you need to head to the Meta Slider menu in your WordPress dashboard and choose the type that you need (or add a new slider). Then you need to add images from the WordPress Library (either already uploaded ones or to upload new files) by using drag&drop. After you are done with the placement then you have to enter slide captions, links and other SEO meta data that is needed for the search engine bots and that’s it! When you are done you will get a shortcode that can be inserted on any page or post on your WordPress website.

Meta Slider Options

As you can see the usage of Meta Slider is extremely easy indeed. Now let’s focus on the other functionalities of the plugin:

  • Responsiveness – you may have noticed this already when I described the different slider types, but I will mention this functionality once again! Why? Because it is extremely important if you aim to create a mobile-friendly website. Now all of your slideshows will fit flawlessly on any screen;
  • Optimized for SEO – all the necessary adjustments have been made in order to start using Meta Slider without worries;
  • Vast support for image slides – you can add captions, links and the important for SEO elements – title text and alternative text;
  • Full Width Slideshows;
  • Preview for each slider in the admin panel;
  • Ability to crop images;
  • Widget support;
  • Various options for each slider;
  • Full localization and compatibility for multi-site;
  • Compatible for multilingual websites – you can use it with WPML and other plugins like qTranslate;
  • Extensive Developer API;
  • Lightbox support for your slideshows and other functionalities;

What if this is not enough for me? I want more from Meta Slider!

Then you should consider the Pro version of the plugin. By purchasing it you will get the following functionalities in addition to everything else you have read so far:

  • Ability to create stunning YouTube and/or Vimeo slides – this might just be the thing needed for delivering more value for your target audience;
  • More themes – now you will be able to add custom themes for all your sliders;
  • HTML support for sliders – create what you need in HTML and use it as a slider;
  • Support for HTML5 video backgrounds and CSS3 animations;
  • Navigation using thumbnails;
  • Premium support that will help you with any problem regarding the usage of Meta Slider;

I want to see Meta Slider in action!

I am sure that you do! And you can do this from the video below. It shows the way you can use Meta Slider in order to create the most suitable slideshows on your WordPress website:

Where can I get Meta Slider?

You can always install it from the WordPress plugin installer. Additionally you can download it and install as upload from the official WordPress.org page of the plugin.

What are your thoughts, friends? Would you use Meta Slider for your WordPress website? If you have any questions, please use the comment form below. Don’t forget to spread the word about this post for the most popular slider solution for WordPress in social media.

See you soon, friends!

*The image and the video are embedded from the WordPress.org page of the plugin

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