Why you should use WordPress?

Each person who decides to have a website encounters one problem: which CMS (Content management System) to use. There are two options:  custom or open source CMS. Custom CMSs may provide you with more functionality for your specific needs, but they also have much higher cost and only its developers will feel comfortable working with it on a developer level. It would prove to be an impractical choice in case you later decide to redesign your website. Also, if you plan to migrate the content of your website in the future you’ll encounter difficulties in the migration process.
If you decide to use some of the more popular open source CMS like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal or Magento you have to choose according to your functionality needs and  your design preferences.

Some great CMSs for E-commerce websites are Magento, Summercart, Opencart and WordPress. If you have a blog or a news website or you want to build a corporate website, WordPress and Joomla are both good choices. They are very versatile in their functionality and design. It would be better using WordPress if you have a blog or a news website. Joomla is very suitable for business websites.So you have to pick according to your needs.

Why you should use WordPress

WordPress is the most versatile of all the CMSs. With it you can achieve almost everything. There are great plugins that enable additional functionality when you need it. Also, let’s not forget the huge market for both free and premium WordPress themes. These are some of the reasons why 25% of all the websites worldwide are built on WordPress.

Let’s say you develop a great website with quality content, you drive a lot of traffic to your website and you decide to sell your website for a good price. If this is the case, using WordPress would be a big plus for you. If you browse through Flippa auctions (Flippa is one of the biggest websites for selling and buying websites and domains) you’ll notice that almost every website for sale is built on WordPress.

Having the biggest community means that you’ll have bigger access to resources, support and potential clients. There are literally thousands themes and plugins available for WordPress, both free and paid. Last but not least, let’s not forget the intuitive WordPress backend.

Along with its popularity and great usability, WordPress as well as all popular Open Source CMS platforms has one negative side. Being Open source means everyone has access to the WordPress directory structure. This leads to increased security threat, because this way all your important directories and files like wp-config, htaccess etc. are common. There are measures you can take in order to decrease and remove those weaknesses. Another disadvantage of WordPress is that due to its popularity it becomes an excellent target for spam user accounts and comments. To protect yourself you can add Captcha to you registration and Comments. This way you can block spam. Another good solution is to change the URL address of your wordpress registration page. There are also great plugins for fighting spam like Akismet.

Let’s summarize: You have to choose the CMS you’re going to use according to your needs and knowledge. If you want versatility and added functionality WordPress is your choice to go.

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