Wordfence Security – the proper way to defend WordPress

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WordPress is great – there is no doubt about that. It is open source and there are many developers that are spending hours in order to make it even better. WordPress is free as in freedom and it also is used by a great amount of users worldwide.

However all of these are also its weakness. A lot of people are also trying to hack every WordPress installation that exists. There are different types of attacks and each of them may either bring your website down or cause it to act unusual or both.

In either way this is not a pleasant situation. That is why you need a great solution that will ensure that you have the proper protection for your WordPress website. Such solution is Wordfence Security and in this post I will present it to you.

Behold – the most downloaded WordPress security plugin with over 2 thousand 5 star reviews and more than 1 million installations currently active. This is Wordfence!

This plugin is extremely comprehensive. It combines all of the needed components that deliver stable protection for your website. You get a firewall, malware scanner, options to block, monitor live traffic, great security options for your logins and so on.

Wordfence Security is able to detect different threats because it is powered by the Threat Defense Feed which is constantly updated. Because of that you will be able to prevent your website from getting hacked by utilizing the web application firewall. Also each scan is able to notify you on time when WordPress is about to be compromised. The live traffic option that Wordfence Security provides will allow you to get real-time information about the traffic that comes to your website as well as any hack attempts that may exist.

And since we are really speaking of complete protection, you have to know that there are many other tools that are created for this plugin so that it will protect your WordPress website with all of its power.

Do you want to know what is best about Wordfence Security? It is 100% free and it is also an open source product. And if you are in need of even better security options you can always rely on the premium API key that you can purchase in order to get them. This can be extremely useful if your corporate website is running on WordPress and you need to make sure that everything is 100% safe (or at least almost 100%).

Wordfence Security is also extremely well documented. You will be able to read the official documentation on docs.wordfence.com. If you want to find out more about this awesome plugin, you can always check the support portal of Wordfence Security. You can reach it on this link: support.wordfence.com. What is also great about this plugin is that it has a large community on WordPress.org. You can use the forums there in order to discuss different issues or to get more information. On the support portal you will be able to receive premium support as well. There is a special ticket system created for all premium users.

Let’s summarize what you will get by just installing and activating Wordfence Security:

  • A great firewall system that prevents hacking attempts and is updated regularly or real-time if you are a premium user;
  • Blocking functionality which will work real-time and will block any known attacker. You can also use this feature if you want to block entire malicious networks and you will be able to apply different settings as well;
  • Different options for improving your login security;
  • Scanning of your WordPress website for vulnerabilities and malware;
  • Monitoring functionality that will allow you to see traffic in real-time in order to take the necessary measures;
  • Multi-Site Security features that will protect all of your blogs by using just one admin panel;
  • Compatibility with IPv6;
  • Support for various major plugins and themes for WordPress;
  • Great learning center that is available for free

How to use Wordfence Security?

Use the WordPress plugin installer or download it from WordPress.org. Then activate it and adjust its settings. Then you are good to go.

I want to learn more about Wordfence Security?

Visit the links, provided in this post. Additionally you may want to check this wonderful video:

That’s it friends! What do you think about Wordfence Security? Have you tried it or will you do this now? Share any questions, thoughts and other feedback in the comment section below.

See you soon, friends!

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2 thoughts on “Wordfence Security – the proper way to defend WordPress”

  • Wordfence is good but using so much CPU! How to change CPU usage limit?

    • Hi,
      A possible solution is to set the update interval in seconds to a higher number. By Default it’s set to 2 seconds. To do that navigate to the Options page of the plugin.

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