SB Welcome Email Editor – The WordPress plugin that sends custom welcome emails

Hello friends,

Have ever wanted to surprise your newly registered users with great-looking custom welcome emails? If so then you may have been wondering how can you do this.

In today’s post I will present to you the WordPress plugin that will allow you to send custom welcome emails that will not only provide quality in terms of looks and functionalities, but also in terms of useful content. This plugin is called SB Welcome Email Editor.

Why would I need such a plugin in the first place?

The default email that each registered user will receive looks boring. You will also not be able to change its contents. By default it will present the user with their username, a link to generate a password and a link for the currently set wp-login page.

While this may be useful enough for some users, others might expect a little bit more information or options. Especially if you are aiming at building a community website.

How SB Welcome Email Editor works?

When you download, install and activate the plugin you will get a new sub section under Settings -> SB Welcome Email. There you will be able to create your custom email messages.

Once you get on this screen you will see the possible tags that you can choose from in order to create easily the email structure that you desire. Some of the choices are:

[site_url], [login_url], [user_email], [user_login], [plaintext_password], [blog_name], [admin_email], [user_id], [custom_fields], [first_name], [last_name], [date], [time]

In order to provide the information or the functionality that you desire, all you need to do is to select and copy one of the tags and then paste it within the editor’s fields. Simple as that!

SB Welcome Email Editor - General Settings for creating custom welcome emails for your WordPress website

SB Welcome Email Editor can be used to create custom emails to newly registered users and to the admin users of your WordPress website as well. You can create custom HTML emails (which will provide you with more options in terms of design and formatting) or plain text emails. The customization is also applicable for the emails that are to be sent when a user is requesting a password reset.

You will be able to customize the following:

  • From Email Address
  • From Name
  • Set Global Email Headers
  • Email Subject
  • Email Body
  • Attachment URL
  • Additional Email Headers
  • Reply To Email Address
  • Send Admin Email To (provide User ID’s of the users that are to be notified of a new registration with you custom email for the admin users)

When you are done setting all of these for the 3 email types (emails to users, emails to the admin, password reset emails) you have to click on the “Update Settings” button in order to save your work.

Once you are done with this you can send a Test Email in order to verify that SB Welcome Email Editor has been configured correctly.

What should I have in mind when using this plugin?

If you are intending to have many user registrations, then you must bear in mind that many emails are going to be sent. So in order not to burden your host’s email server you should use WP Mail SMTP and a custom mail server. Read more about this topic in our post: Integrate custom mail server/service for WordPress

That’s all folks! What do you think of SB Welcome Email Editor? Would you use it? Share any thoughts and questions in the comment section below.

See you soon!

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