Worona – the solution to build your first WordPress mobile app

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Have you ever wanted to transform your WordPress website into a mobile app that your visitors can download and install on their Android or iOS based devices? If you have, then this post is just the one that you need to read. Here I will present to you Worona – the solution to build your first WordPress mobile app.

What is Worona?

This is a free platform that will make your website mobile-ready in just a couple of steps. It is that easy! This solution is a plugin for WordPress that will provide you with an online dashboard which purpose is to allow you to create the design and content of your mobile application and also to publish it with a few clicks.

Why would I need Worona? My WordPress website is already equipped with a responsive design and is optimized for mobile devices.

Doing what you have already done is no longer an extra. It is mandatory in today’s web where the majority of visits come from mobile devices. And since the requirements for a speedy mobile-optimized website are constantly increasing, the standard optimization and responsiveness may not be enough. Your visitors want speed – period. If your website is slow they may abandon it no matter the quality of your content. If you don’t want negative Google Analytics reports (or similar from another tracking tool) you will have to provide all possible options for speed.

Here come the mobile apps. They may provide the needed speed as well as delivering compelling mobile experiences. Thus your website will stand out from the crowd and will allow its users to engage better and more with it. Worona is just one of the tools that will help you achieve this.

What makes Worona special in our current case is that it will work with your WordPress website.

So finally you will end up with:

  • Your already mobile-optimized responsive website;
  • Your mobile app for your regular visitors with engaging options;

How to use Worona?

Download, install and activate the plugin. Then head to your WordPress admin panel and select Worona -> Admin.

Follow the three steps:

  • Install REST API Plugin
  • Activate REST API Plugin
  • Register in Worona

After these are done you can utilize the fourth option which is to configure your website. The configuration options are easy to use and you apply them with a couple of clicks.

At the end of this process you will be able to get your mobile app and if you want you can publish it on Android app store. If you do not want to go through the process by yourselves you can purchase a premium option that will get your app published for you.

Unfortunately you cannot publish it on Apple App Store due to the strict store guidelines which Apple has. The Worona team is currently not able to offer this service at the moment (as stated on the FAQ on the WordPress.org page of the plugin).

So let’s summarize what Worona will do for you:

  • Allow you to create great-looking and functional mobile app for your visitors with ease and without additional coding knowledge;
  • Provide you with premium support for publishing the app on the Android store (in case you don’t want to do this on your own);

And all of this is for FREE! Worona is (according to the team) will be free and open-source.

Worona team also aims to provide you with additional features in the future. So keep an eye out for them.

So would you use this solution, friends? Share your thoughts in the comment section below. For more information visit the official website of Worona. You can also find out more about the solution from this official video as well:

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