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Hello friends,

Have you ever wondered what are the benefits of having an online quiz or test on your own website? Well, to be honest they are plenty, but I will share the most important ones:

  • You can build a community around your tests and quizzes that will increase traffic;
  • You can provide useful information based on the provided answers – for example a personality description for a personality test;
  • You can gain more email subscribers for future campaigns;
  • The brand awareness of your website can increase, etc;

Having this in mind you might want to consider the integration of such quiz or test. Of course if your website’s goal is entirely test-orientated (i.e. its aim is to provide different tests) then you are obliged to find the most suitable and cost-effective solution.

In this post I will present such solution for WordPress. It is 100% free and twice as powerful. This plugin is called WP-Pro-Quiz.

What WP-Pro-Quiz does?

It allows you to create different quizzes with unlimited questions of different types. The solution can also provide users with grades based on their scores and even send them via email.

WP-Pro-Quiz offers you the following question types:

  • Single Choice
  • Multiple Choice
  • “Sorting” Choice
  • “Free” Choice
  • “Matrix Sorting” Choice
  • Cloze function
  • Assessment

Each quiz can be set up for a specific time limit. You can also disable this functionality. WP-Pro-Quiz offers the ability for random answers or random questions.

Each quiz can have a category. The same applies for the questions as well. You can see results for specific categories of questions or to display them according to their categories when filling out the quiz.

The might of WP-Pro-Quiz is the ability to add HTML in both questions and their answers. This will allow you to create great-looking quizes with multimedia content in them.

When a user starts filling out the quiz they might want to go back to the previous question in doubt of an error. WP-Pro-Quiz provides such option which is turned off by default but can easily be turned back on. Besides this you can also have other forms of navigation:

  • Normal – Displays all questions sequentially, “right” or “false” will be displayed at the end of the quiz. This is the default option;
  • Normal + Back-Button – the same as the previous but with the “Back” button added to each question;
  • Check -> continue – Shows “right or wrong” after each question;
  • Questions below each other – If this option is activated, all answers are displayed below each other, i.e. all questions are on a single page. You need to specify the number of questions that are to be displayed on a page;

You have probably noticed that WP-Pro-Quiz works with “right” or “wrong” questions. This is the default state and in most cases you might want to keep it. You can provide optional HTML for both correct and incorrect answers as well as hints.

But what if you are preparing a personality profiling quiz that does not require right or wrong answers? Simply turn this functionality off and that’s it.

Now let’s talk about question points. WP-Pro-Quiz needs them in order to calculate percentage of successful answers. By default a correct answer will give 1 point. You can alter this and even set different points for the different answers (extremely useful when there is no right answer). The possible scenarios for points are: 0 and whole positive numbers (1, 2, 3, etc).

When WP-Pro-Quiz finishes its calculations based on the settings for all questions it can display graduation texts. In order this to happen you need to divide the different grades in percentages. For example one graduation may be shown when 1 or more than 1 % of the quiz is correct. The next may show when the result is >= 29% and so on. The possible scenarios for percentages are 0% and whole positive numbers (1%, 20%, 64%, etc).

The result text can contain HTML as well and therefore it is entirely under your control since you can insert text and multimedia.

WP-Pro-Quiz offers different valency for each question. This plugin also provides you with a nice preview-function and statistics for the right and wrong answers (if you activate them). You can also turn on leader boards and even add custom fields.

And now two EXTREMELY important and useful features – templates (for both quizzes and questions) and import/export functionality. The first one is needed when creating similar quizzes/questions and the second can allow you to clone questions between quizes and even export a quiz to another WordPress website with WP-Pro-Quiz.

This plugin also allows quiz summary and it can also notify the website admins when a quiz is completed via email. As for restriction – each quiz can be limited to registered users or set to public and also each user may be forced to take the quiz only once.

Finally let’s talk about the design. WP-Pro-Quiz is looking fascinating by default. The plugin is also compatible with many other important WordPress solutions such as the caching plugins WP Super Cache and W3 Total Cache.

OK – how to use WP-Pro-Quiz?

Install and activate the plugin. Then head to the new menu bearing its name in the WordPress dashboard and click on its first item (still having the same name). From there you can create your first quiz, set its options and create a template if needed.

WP-Pro-Quiz - add/edit quizzes

Then save this quiz and return to the WP-Pro-Quiz menu once again. Hover your mouse on the created quiz and select “Questions”. From there you can add questions, set templates and set options for the different questions.

Add questions for WP-Pro-Quiz

When you are done return once again to the main menu of the plugin in order to copy the shortcode for the quiz you want to display on your WordPress website and then paste it in a page or post.

WP-Pro-Quiz Quiz Overview Section

And that’s it! You can also check the Global settings menu and the Support & More menus of WP-Pro-Quiz.

Global settings for WP-Pro-Quiz

Now it’s your turn to try this plugin, friends. Please share your thoughts and questions in the comments below.

See you soon!

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    Grace Urvantsev

    Daniel – I created a quiz with 3 questions but only one question is showing up on my quiz page. Can you please help me to figure out what is wrong? All 3 questions are placed under the same category.

    • Hi Grace,
      By default the plugin only shows one question at a time. If you wish to display all your questions on one page, edit your quiz and go to Quiz-Mode. Once there activate the option questions below each other.

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  • Nice article, only there is only an import button for a quiz and no export one. Also the import button does not work and there are no instructions anywhere to help people import quizes (unless you purchase an additional plugin, that is expensive).
    Can you do a post on importing to WP-PRO-QUIZ or exporting?

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  • Kindly someone tell me how to assign negative mark for the wrong question.

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